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Autograph Redemptions

My Discovered Expired Autograph Redemptions Collection (Updated March 6th, 2021)

For the past 10 years, I've been on notice for all the unused or expired autograph redemptions that were on the market.  Sometimes, the Beckett Annual would call these redemptions out in their list of cards that made up the set and sometimes they didn't. I began to realize that, in the cases where they weren't called out, the editors at Beckett didn't realize they existed. So I found another mission. To let the editors at Beckett know each and every time I found one. And boy have I found a bunch. 

Listed below are all the Expired Autograph Redemption cards that I have found over the last 10 years.

Year: 1997

I blame Upper Deck for the "Autograph Redemption" craze, (if it can be called that). I don't remember seeing any "Autograph Redemptions" before 1997. At least those that were variations of the base cards. (Note: Signature had a few back in 1994, but they were those silly text cards that you really had no intention of keeping). Anyway, Upper Deck introduced us to the "Redemptions" in '97 for players like Terry Allen, (See the 1997 Upper Deck SP "Terry Allen" Sign of the Time Autograph redemption #3X below), and Warrick Dunn, (See the 1997 Upper Deck SP "Warrick Dunn" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #15X right). Upper Deck's way of giving you an autograph redemption was putting a huge sticker on the front of the card. I don't know if the "hole punched" on the card was there when you pulled it from the pack or after you got the autographed card back along with the original redemption.

1997 Upper Deck SP: “Terry Allen” Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #3X

1998 Pinnacle d (2).jpg

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “Randy White" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-69X

The Upper Deck company didn't just put these redemptions in packs for only one set. They were placed in packs for multiple sets. The next set to utilize the redemptions were the "Mark of a Legend" Autograph insert set, (See the 1997 Upper Deck SP "Tony Dorsett" Mark of a Legend Autograph Redemption #ML7X below right). I've located 3 of these Mark of a Legend autograph Redemptions; Bob Griese #ML1X, Franco Harris #ML4X and Tony's.

The Upper Deck company didn't just stop there, they also included Autograph Redemptions in their "Upper Deck Legends" title too. And although Upper Deck included a few of these redemptions on the list they provided Beckett early on, there have been a bunch more to surface over the last several years, (See the 1997 Upper Deck Legends "Randy White" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-69X below left, the 1997 Upper Deck Legends "Tom Jackson" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-199X below, and the 1997 Upper Deck Legends "Jim Zorn" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-177X below right. These are but 3 of the Autograph Redemptions that I have uncovered.

1997 Upper Deck Legends Tom Jackson Auto

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “Tom Jackson" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-119X

1997 Upper Deck SP: “Warrick Dunn” Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #15X

1997 Upper Deck SP: “Tony Dorsett” Mark of a Legend Autograph Redemption #ML7X

1997 Upper Deck Legends Jim Zorn Auto Re

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “Jim Zorn" Legends Autograph Redemption #AL-177X

Year: 1998

1998 Skybox Premium: “Hines Ward” Autograph Redemption #71X*

1998 Collector's Edge 1st Place: “Fred Taylor” Rookie Ink Autograph Redemption #30X

The "Skybox: Premium" title provided us, the collector, with a bunch of autograph redemptions. Some of which are very collectible, indeed. So far I've discovered 4 autograph redemptions for the 1998 Skybox Premium set; Jamie Asher #3X, Ray Crockett #14X, (See the 1998 Skybox Premium "Ray Crockett" #14X right), Glyn Milburn #56X and Hines Ward #71X, (See the 1998 Skybox Premium "Hines Ward" #71X below). Of the four of those cards, the only one I currently own is Glyn Milburn's. They are tough to find and tougher to get.


Collector's Edge even got into the game in 1998 with their own Autograph Redemptions. But unlike the Skybox redemptions, Collector's Edge used a different card all-together instead of a base card with the congratulatory "Redemption Card" blasted across the front, (See the 1998 Collector's Edge 1st Place "Fred Taylor" Autograph Redemption #30X below right). I've located 2 of these Collector's Edge 1st Place autograph Redemptions, however, Dan Hitt, Beckett's Editor at the time, wasn't interested in the Collector's Edge 1st Place redemptions. His reason was unless they are variations of the base card, he wasn't interested in listing them. I can't say, I disagree with him,  either. The 2nd Redemption card I found was another of Hines Ward.

1998 Skybox Premium: “Ray Crockett” Autograph Redemption #14X*

Upper Deck was not to be outdone when it came to the Redemptions, nor were they going to sit out the '98 season either.  Upper Deck continued their "Sticker Autograph Redemptions" into their SP title once again, (See the 1998 Upper Deck SP "Andre Wadsworth" Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #AW-X right). I've found 4 of these 1998 Player's Ink autograph Redemptions; Andre's, Ryan Leaf's #RL-X, Keenan McCardell's #KM-X and Takeo Spikes' #TS-X.

1998 Upper Deck SP: "Andre Wadsworth“ Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #AW-X

Year: 1999

1999 Upper Deck SPx: "Jevon Kearse“ Rookie Redemption #104-X

1999 Upper Deck Encore: "Tim Couch“ UD Authentics Autograph Redemption #TC-X

The Upper Deck SPx title provided one of the more interesting Redemption cards, at least as far as I know. The Jevon Kearse card was NOT an Autograph Redemption, as far as I know. It may have been a "Rookie Redemption", (See the 1999 Upper Deck SPx "Jevon Kearse" Rookie Redemption #104-X left). I've never seen an autograph from Jevon for this set, so maybe it was for the Rookie card. But whatever the case, this card is rare. 


But Upper Deck did not stop there either. The "SP" title was again, a flush with a bunch of these undocumented autograph redemptions, (See the 1999 Upper Deck SP "Doug Flutie" Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #DF-AX right). Peyton Manning wasn't to be left out either. He was also part of this redemption business too, (See the 1999 Upper Deck SP "Peyton Manning" Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #PM-AX right).  At this point, it was safe to say, Upper Deck led the hobby in Autograph Redemptions. For this set, I've located 7 different undocumented Autograph Redemptions. The full list can be found at the bottom.


But Upper Deck didn't stop there either. By this time, Upper Deck only had about 9 different titles and that meant they were asking players to sign a large number of cards. That is where the beauty of Autograph Redemptions come in. They only need as many autographs as there are


1999 Upper Deck SP: "Doug Flutie“ Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #DF-AX

1999 Upper Deck SP: "Peyton Manning“ Player's Ink Autograph Redemption #PM-AX

returned redemptions. In this case, it was the "Upper Deck: Encore" set, which had its own autograph set, the "UD Authentics" Autographs, (See the 1999 Upper Deck Encore: "Tim Couch" UD Authentics Autograph Redemption #TC-X left). Although you can't tell from the scan, it has the same "Congratulations" memo as all the others. Now, as far as I know, there are only 2 Redemptions from this set, Tim's and the one Beckett already listed. Shaun King's Autograph Redemption is listed in Beckett, but its the one, I've never seen myself. 


Year: 2000

2000 Upper Deck SP: “Eddie George" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #26

2000 Upper Deck SP: “Herman Moore" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #26

2000 Bowman: “J.R. Redmond" Autograph Autograph Redemption #JR-X

By 2000, the Autograph Redemptions were in full force. Upper Deck used them in every set, (or so it seemed), and by now with Upper Deck having around 12 different titles, it seemed that Autograph Redemptions were the way to go. The 2000 season saw a first too, the first Jersey Autograph Redemption was placed into packs, (See the 2000 Upper Deck "Kurt Warner" Game Jersey Autograph Gold Autograph Redemption #KW-AX right). You don't find too many Jersey / Autograph Redemptions. As matter of fact, the Kurt Warner card is the first of only two that I have discovered.

Upper Deck Encore was the next set to use the Autograph Redemption plan in 2000. Again, the "Big Sticker" placed across the main card face was your first clue, (See the 2000 Upper Deck Encore "Laveranues Coles" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption  #LC-X below right). There is absolutely no idea how many of these so-called "Autograph Redemptions" there are out there. I've found 4 from this set alone, but there is bound to be more.


The Beckett Annuals call out several "Autograph Redemptions" for the 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve "Ud Authentics" set. It's almost as if they call out more Redemptions than they do Autographs, (in reality, they call out 7). I haven't done the research, but that might be the largest amount of redemptions from any set, (See the 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve "Tim Rattay" UD Authentic Autograph Redemption #TR-X below right).


When I first started putting this set together the Beckett Annuals called out 6  "Autograph Redemptions" for the 2000 Upper Deck SP "Sign of the Times" insert set. This was the 2nd most listed redemptions, (the set above had 7), However, I've found more redemptions for this autograph insert set then any other, (See the 2000 Upper Deck SP "Eddie George" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #EG-X above left) and the 2000 Upper Deck SP "Herman Moore" Sign of the Times Autograph Redemption #HM-X left). The funny part is, of the 6 that were listed in Beckett, I've only located 2 of those 6. Those are the hardest to find.

Another new entry into the Autograph Redemption party in 2000 was Topps, (I did find an "Autograph Redemption" from Topps in 1998, but I've only found one), By 2000, Topps was using it in several of their titles, (See the 2000 Bowman "J.R. Redmond" Autograph Autograph Redemption #JR-X below left).

2000 Upper Deck: "Kurt Warner“ Game Jersey Autograph Gold Autograph Redemption #KW-AX*

2000 Upper Deck Encore: "Laveranues Coles“ UD Authentics Autograph Redemption #LC-X

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: "Tim Rattay“ UD Authentics Autograph Redemption #TR-X

Year: 2001

2001 Fleer Tradition: "Travis Minor“ Autographics Autograph Redemption #22-X

2001 Fleer Genuine Lawrence Taylor Name

2001 Fleer Genuine: "Lawrence Taylor“ Names of the Game Autograph Redemption #NG-LT-X*

In 2001 Fleer decided to jump aboard the "Autograph Redemption" train. And jump aboard they did. The first set to use the redemptions was the 2001 Fleer Focus set, (See the 2001 Fleer Focus "Deuce McAllister" Certified Cuts Autograph Redemption #CC-DN-X right).

Fleer added a lot more "Autograph Redemptions" in both the 2001 Fleer Authority sets and the 2001 Fleer Tradition sets, (See the 2001 Fleer Tradition "Travis Minor"

Autographics Autograph Redemption #22-X below right). And although I'm not showing the "Authority" cards here, I did purchase an uncut-sheet of "Autograph Redemptions" some of which aren't even listed in Beckett with an autograph.

Back in 2018, I found a seller online who was selling a bunch of 2001 Fleer Autograph redemptions from sets that I did even know had redemptions, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine "Lawrence Taylor" Name of the Game Autograph Redemption #NG-LT-X left and the 2001 Fleer Showcase "Edgerrin James" Awards Showcase Autograph redemption #7-X on the right).

2001 Fleer Focus: "Deuce McAllister“ Certified Cuts Autograph Redemption #CC-DM-X

2001 Fleer Showcase Edgerrin James Award

2001 Fleer Showcase: "Edgerrin James“ Awards Showcase Autograph Redemption #7-X*

Year: 2003

2003 was another year that Fleer incorporated autograph redemptions into their product, (See the 2003 Fleer Genuine "Roy Williams" Genuine Insider Autograph Autograph Redemption #GIA-RW-X left).

2003 Fleer Genuine Roy Williams Insider

2003 Fleer Genuine: "Roy Williams“ Genuine Insider Autograph Autograph Redemption #GIA-RW-X

Year: 2004

By 2004 Fleer was waist deep in these  "Autograph Redemptions". And across several new titles they jumped, (See the 2004 Fleer Flair "Donte' Stallworth" Autograph Collection Bronze Autograph Redemption #AC-DS-X left).

And although I've only located one of the "Autograph Redemptions" from the 2004 Fleer Authentix set, I'm sure there are a bunch more, (See the 2004 Fleer Authentix "Michael Jenkin" General Admission  Autograph Redemption #AA-MJ-X right).

2004 Fleer Authentix: "Michael Jenkins“ General Admission Autograph Autograph Redemption #AA-MJ-X

2004 Fleer Flair: “Dont'e Stallworth" Autograph Collection Bronze Autograph Redemption #AC-DS-X

2004 Fleer Authentix Chad Johnson Auto R

2004 Fleer Authentix: "Chad Johnson“ General Admission Autograph Autograph Redemption #AA-CJ-X

In closing, the "Autograph Redemptions" were / are a great way for card manufacturers to limit the # of autographs they actually need. And depending on how the companies use the redemptions, i.e. more like the "Sign of the Times" redemptions and less like the Collector's Edge 1st Place redemptions, then the redemptions are more collectible too. I'm actually a fan of the autograph redemptions, it's almost like an Easter-Egg hunt trying to track them all down. 

I have found the following Autograph Redemptions:


1) 1997 Upper Deck SP Set

    A)  Sign of the Times Insert

         - Terry Allen Autograph Redemption #3X

         - Will Blackwell Autograph Redemption #6X

         - Isaac Bruce Autograph Redemption #10X

         - Warrick Dunn Autograph Redemption #15X

         - Tony Gonzalez Autograph Redemption #19X

    B) Mark of a Legend Insert

         - Bob Griese Autograph Redemption #ML1-X

         - Franco Harris Autograph Redemption #ML4-X

         - Tony Dorsett Autograph Redemption #ML7-X

2) 1997 Upper Deck Legends Set

    A) Legends Autographs Insert

         - Jim Otto Autograph Redemption #AL-57X

         - Randy White Autograph Redemption #AL-69X

         - Cris Collinsworth Autograph Redemption #AL-91X

         - Tom Jackson Autograph Redemption #AL-119X

         - Jim Zorn Autograph Redemption #AL-177X

2) 1997 Leaf Set

    A) Reproduction Autographs Insert

         - Y.A. Tittle Autograph Redemption #10-X


1) 1998 Collector's Edge 1st Place Set

    A) Rookie Ink Insert

        - Mark Bruener Autograph Redemption #8X* 

        - Fred Taylor Autograph Redemption #30X

        - Hines Ward Autograph Redemption #31X

2) 1998 Skybox Premium Set

    A) Autographics Insert

        - Jamie Asher Autograph Redemption #3X*

        - Ray Crockett Autograph Redemption #14X*

        - Glyn Milburn Autograph Redemption #56X

        - Hines Ward Autograph Redemption #71X*

3) 1998 Topps Set

     A) Autographs Insert

        - Randy Moss  Autograph Redemption #A1-X*

4) 1998 Topps Stars Set

     A) Autographs Insert

        - Walter Payton  Autograph Redemption #XX-X*

5) 1998 Upper Deck SP Set

     A) Player's Ink Insert

        - Andre Wadsworth Autograph Redemption #AW-X

        - Keenan McCardell Autograph Redemption #KM-X

        - Ryan Leaf Autograph Redemption #RL-X

        - Takeo Spikes  Autograph Redemption #TS-X



1) 1999 Upper Deck SP Set

     A) Player's Ink Insert

        - Akili Smith Autograph Redemption #AS-AX

        - Corey Dillon Autograph Redemption #CD-AX

        - Doug Flutie Autograph Redemption #DF-AX

        - Peyton Manning Autograph Redemption #PM-AX

        - Tim Couch Autograph Redemption #TC-AX

        - Terrell Owens Autograph Redemption #TO-AX

        - Randy Moss Autograph Redemption #RM-AX

2) 1999 Upper Deck SPx Set

     A) Base Set Rookie Autographs

        - Jevon Kearse Autograph Redemption #104-X

        - Daunte Culpepper Autograph Redemption #134-X

3) 1999 Upper Deck Encore Set

     A) UD Authentics Insert

        - Tim Couch Autograph Redemption #TC-X



1) 2000 Upper Deck Set

     A) Game Jersey Autographs Gold Insert

       - Kurt Warner Autograph Redemption #KW-AX

2) 2000 Upper Deck Encore Set

    A) UD Authentics Insert

       - Darrell Jackson Autograph Redemption #DJ-X

       - Laveraneus Coles Autograph Redemption #LC-X

       - Mike Anderson Autograph Redemption #MA-X

       - Trung Canidate Autograph Redemption #TC-X

3) 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Set

    A) UD Authentics Insert

       - Sherron Gideon Autograph Redemption #SG-X

       - Tim Rattay Autograph Redemption #TR-X

4) 2000 Upper Deck SP Set

    A) Sign of the Times Insert

       - Corey Simon Autograph Redemption #CS-X

       - Danny Farmer Autograph Redemption #DF-X

       - Eddie George Autograph Redemption #EG-X

       - Doug Flutie Autograph Redemption #FL-X

       - Herman Moore Autograph Redemption #HM-X

       - J.J. Stokes Autograph Redemption #JJ-X

       - Kwamie Cavil Autograph Redemption #KC-X

       - Kevin Faulk Autograph Redemption #KF-X

       - Qadry Ismail Autograph Redemption #QI-X

       - Ray Lucas Autograph Redemption #RL-X

       - Trevor Garlor Autograph Redemption #TG-X

5) 2000 Upper Deck SPx Set

    A) Base Set Rookie Jersey Autographs

       - Curtis Keaton Autograph Redemption #139-X

       - Thomas Jones Autograph Redemption #155-X

6) 2000 Topps Finest Set

     A) Finest Moments Autographs Insert

       - Mike Jones Autograph Redemption #FM20-X

7) 2000 Bowman Set

     A) Autographs Insert 

       - J.R. Redmond Autograph Redemption #JR-X

8) 2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Set

    A) Signature Piece I Insert

       - Keyshawn Johnson Autograph Redemption #SP-WR-X



1) 2001 Bowman's Best Set

     A) Autographs Insert

       - LaMont Jordan Autograph Redemption #LJ-X

2) 2001 Donruss Elite Set

      A) Josh Booty Turn of the Century Autograph Redemption #168-X*

3) 2001 Fleer Authority Set

     A) Autographs Insert

       - Shaun Alexander Autograph Redemption #1-X

       - Wayne Chrebet Autograph Redemption #5-X

       - Deuce McAllister Autograph Redemption #15-X**

       - Quincy Morgan Autograph Redemption #18-X**

       - Randy Moss  Autograph Redemption #19-X**

       - Koren Robinson Autograph Redemption #X-X**

       - Michael Vick Autograph Redemption #X-X**

       - Eddie George Autograph Redemption #X-X**

4) 2001 Fleer E-X Century Set

     A) Rookie Autographs Insert

       - Alex Bannister Autograph Redemption #140-X

       - Drew Brees Autograph Redemption #95-X*

5) 2001 Fleer Focus Set

     A) Certified Cuts Insert

       - Deuce McAllister Autograph Redemption #CC-DM-X

       - Donovan McNabb Autograph Redemption #CC-DM-X

       - James Jackson Autograph Redemption #CC-JJ-X

       - Michael Bennett Autograph Redemption #CC-MB-X*

       - Koren Robinson Autograph Redemption #CC-KR-X*

6) 2001 Fleer Showcase Set

    A) Awards Showcase Memorabilia Autos Insert

       - Terry Bradshaw Autograph Redemption #2-X*

       - Tony Dorsett Autograph Redemption #5-X*

       - Marshall Faulk Autograph Redemption #6-X*

       - Edgerrin James Autograph Redemption #7-X*

       - Randy Moss Autograph Redemption #9-X*

       - Emmitt Smith Autograph Redemption #11-X*

       - Fran Tarkenton Autograph Redemption #12-X

       - Lawrence Taylor Autograph Redemption #13-X*

       - Johnny Unitas Autograph Redemption #14-X*

       - Eddie George Autograph Redemption #NNO-X

7) 2001 Fleer Tradition Set

    A) Autographics Insert

       - Deuce McAllister Autograph Redemption #20-X

       - Travis Minor Autograph Redemption #22-X

       - Ken-Yon Rambo Autograph Redemption #25-X

       - Eddie George Autograph Redemption #XX-X


1) 2003 Fleer Authentix Set

     A) Authentix Autographs Insert

       - Michael Bennett Authentix Autograph Redemption #1-X  

       - Willie McGahee Authentix Autograph Redemption #6-X

       - Brian Urlacher Authentix Autograph Redemption #10-X

2) 2003 Fleer Genuine Insider Set

     A) Insider Autographs Insert

       - David Carr Insider Autograph Redemption #AIDC-X

       - Roy Williams Insider Autograph Redemption #AIRW-X


1) 2004 Fleer Authentix Set

     A) General Admission Autographs Insert

       - Chad Johnson Autograph Redemption #AA-CJ-X

       - Javon Walker Autograph Redemption #AA-JW-X

       - Michael Jenkins Autograph Redemption #AA-MJ-X

2) 2004 Fleer Flair Set

     A) Autograph Collection Bronzes Insert

       - David Carr Autograph Redemption #AC-DC-X

       - Donte' Stallowrh Autograph Redemption #AC-DS-X

       - Jake Delhomme Autograph Redemption #AC-JD-X

     B) Cuts and Glory Insert

       - Chad Pennington Autograph Redemption #CHAD-X

3) 2004 Fleer Ultra Set

     A) Philip Rivers Rookie Autograph Redemption #PHRI*



*Note: I do not yet own this card.


**Note: These Autograph Redemptions are on a uncut-Sheet.

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