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My Discoveries

The whole idea for this page came from my repeated failed attempts at getting the cards listed below into the Annual Beckett magazine as "Error Cards" or just listed due to omissions.  For so long I had the hardest time getting in touch with Dan Hitt, the editor at Beckett, ( I had so much trouble, in fact, that I had visions of the story “Roger and Me”. (See the picture on the right.)) All my attempts to contact Dan via mail went unanswered and probably unnoticed.  It wasn’t until about 2006 that I actually got ahold of Dan Hitt. I just called Beckett asked for Dan and a minute later he was on the phone. It was that easy. He had gotten my letters but was so bogged down that he hadn’t gotten to it, (Some of the discoveries I sent him were 2 years old. It was at that time, that I started sending him powerpoint slides with detailed descriptions of any errors or omissions that I found.  Dan and now Justin has been incorporating them ever since.

Even for documentation purposes, I would think that Beckett would be interested in the error cards because it would tell the collector that the information on the card is incorrect. My only guess is that the early '90s totally wore the research team out at Beckett. I mean, between Pro Set and Pacific there were so many errors and variation cards that it must've driven them mad.  The prices of the error or, in some cases, the correction cards were very high.  The prices from all those error cards have since come down a little, which indicates that the collector has lost some interest. 


My interest is in the documentation. The cards listed below are not like some of the cards you might find on eBay, (i.e., miscuts, or missing foil coating). These are true card errors or omissions from the Beckett Price Guide.  If you have any of the cards below you might want to check on some of them to see if you have a corrected version. I included scans to most of the errors/omissions below.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 9.17.16 AM.png



This is the page where I show my "Lists" in a Gallery format. Have fun checking them all out. And use the "Contact Me" form to let me know what you think.

Beckett Omissions & My Discoveries:


The cards listed on this page are cards that for one reason or another were left out of the Beckett magazine. It may be due to the manufacturer releasing them in sets after the initial release, maybe they were released as redemptions or maybe after the company went bankrupt the cards found their way onto the secondary market.

Whatever the case may be, these additions are big for us set collectors. I've been asking / pleading for Beckett to release an annual set update list to include any cards that were added to sets that were already thought to be complete. I've already had this happen to me twice now.

The Rare Ones:


I created this page just to show the collector some cards that I've uncovered over the years of cards that are truly "Rare". I've often complained that sellers all the time list items that they claim are "Rare" and "One of Ones", when the reality is, the cards are just factory errors like missing foil and "Blank Back" cards. These aren't rare. They aren't even worth the effort to post, buy or collect. Unless of course, you actually collect those types of cards.

Whatever the case maybe, the cards listed here are truly "Rare" cards that you never see, they may not be listed in the latest Beckett and when you do see them online, they may go for a pretty penny.

The Autograph Redemptions:


I created this page just to show the collector some cards that I've uncovered over the years that even the Autograph Redemption, (or they may be called Autograph Exchanges, in some cases) can be a collectible, especially if its expired because, at that point, what are you going to do with it.

Whatever the case may be, the cards listed on this page may not be as exciting as getting that actual autograph, but they still hold some value to us; the mega-collector.

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