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My Sports Bar

Back in 2007, my wife and I built our home and I really wanted to have a Sports Bar in our basement for 1) entertainment purposes and 2) to show off my Sports memorabilia. My memorabilia includes jerseys, helmets, gloves, signed 8x10s and even my NFL Cereal Box collection. Yes, you read that right. 

Adrian Wilson Jersey.JPG

Signed & Framed Jerseys:

  Adrian Wilson - Arizona Cardinals (Shown Left)


When it comes to Jerseys, I generally don't collect any one team, (however, if it was, it would be the Vikings), Instead I generally collect players that I like. My framing is done by only one place and that place is located in California.

Sam Madison Gloves.JPG

Signed & Framed Game Worn Gloves:

  Patrick Surtain - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left)


I really enjoy adding Game Worn Gloves to my collection. They are cool, but really hard to find. And when you do find them, they are pretty pricey too. However, with that being said they add a certain flair to a memorabilia collection.

Killer Bee's.JPG

Signed & Framed Photos:

  Killer Bees - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left)


I don't collect just 8x10s, although they are the easiest to find. Sometimes, the photos are larger and sometimes, they come in a colloge, like the "Killer Bees" came to me.


Signed & Framed Helmets:

  The Purple People Eaters - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


I just love collecting items from a group of guys within the "Team" that came together to create an iconic unit. The "Purple People Eaters" was definitely one of those units. My goal is to find a signed helmet by the "Dome Patrol" the famous New Orleans Saints 4-some at Linebacker.


Football Card Displays:

  1992 Proline Profiles Autograph 9-Card Set - Jr. Seau (Shown Left)


I don't just collect Football Cards and put them in boxes, I actually like to display them. Of course, I have more cards then I do areas to display them so I actually have to rotate them from time to time.

Jake's Flakes

NFL Cereal Box Collection

  Currently on display (Shown Left)


It all started in 1998 when Jake Plummer released his "Jake's Flakes" cereal. I knew that Doug Flutie had his, but I wasn't at all interested at that time. After I bought Jake's Flakes, I was hooked. The collection now stands at 38 and counting.

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