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My Football Card Collection

I initially made this website back in the early 2000s so that I could view it online to see which sets I had when I was at a card show. Now it's grown to something pretty enormous. As you can tell from this site, collecting football cards isn't just a hobby for me, it's really my life. Sad to say, but when you have been collecting for as long as I have, (40+ years), it truly is a lifestyle. And as I've said numerous times, I am very thankful, my wife allows me to do it.


Below you have two options from this page, you can go to "Collection Gallery" where I list all my cards gallery-style. If you want to read about Topps you can go to the "Topps page" or any other card for that matter. On each page, I've included a brief, (lengthy in some cases), the write-up on the sets I've collected.  Think of it as a collector's point of view.


Most of us have read what the Pros at Beckett have written over the years, but what about us?  What about the collectors that they are always referring to?  What do we say about the cards? Well, if you click on any of the sets in "Collection Gallery" you will read what I think about them.  Maybe you'll agree with some of the write-ups and then again maybe you won't.  Whether I like or dislike a set I hope I convey my thoughts accurately so you'll understand where I'm coming from.


Collection Gallery


I was asked years ago, why I choose some of the player's cards to show that I do. In other words, why don't I just show all my expensive, rare or high-end cards instead of all these commons? Well, I'll tell ya, I enjoy the hobby. The hobby of collecting to me is so much more than just showing people the most expensive card I own, it's about sharing my 40 years of knowledge or in some cases ignorance of 40+ years of collecting.



One of the things you'll notice is that if I don't own the set for that year then I don't or can't add too much to it. I only discuss the years of the cards that I own myself. So if you're here to find out some info on a set from 2016, then this isn't the place for you.

My Favorites


As I stated above, I added this page just for fun. I'm always adding to it or revising my list. Some cards will drop off and I'll add new ones from time to time. Also, in order for a set to be included on these lists, I have to own it. It may not be complete, but I've at least started putting it together.

So please take a minute and see if you agree with some of my lists, heck you may even advise me to start putting a set together that you have and think that I'll like.

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