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NFL Cereal Box Collection

NFL Cereal Box Collection (Updated March 21st, 2024)

For me, It started with Jake's Flakes back in 1998 and it hasn't stopped. I always thought food products with professional athletes were a cool collectible. I remember buying a Griffey Bar back in the 90s, but it's really hard to keep a candy bar for a long time. So cereal boxes it was. I currently have 38 and counting. Some interesting facts about them are; 1) The Buffalo Bills lead the league in releases with 10. Buffalo has released 10 with 5 different players. 2) Doug Flutie and Josh Allen both lead with 4 different box releases. 3) Mario Williams and Eddie Jackson are the only defensive players to have their own cereal. 4) The maker of most of these cereals is PLB Sports. And they do more than just cereal. There are a few that I'm missing and they are extremely hard to find; Terrell Davis and Jake Delhomme are a few of them. Note: Jake Delhomme's may not actually exist.

Updated Score: 44 

Buffalo Bills: 10 (Jim Kelly, Mario Williams, Terrell Owens, Josh Allen X4, Doug Flutie X3)

Pittsburgh Steelers: 5 (Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis X2, Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster, Tommy Maddox)

Denver Broncos: 4 (John Elway, C.J. Anderson, Ed McCaffrey, Terrell Davis)

Minnesota Vikings: 3 (Randy Moss, Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen)

Cincinnati Bengals: 2 (Tyler Eifert, Chad Johnson)

Green Bay Packers: 2 (Jordy Nelson, Aaron Jones)

Arizona Cardinals: 2 (Jake Plummer, DeAndre Hopkins)

Kansas City Chiefs: 3 (Patrick Mahomes X2, Travis Kelce)

Indianapolis Colts: 1 (Peyton Manning)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1 (Mike Alstott)

New England Patriots: 1 (Rob Gronkowski)

Miami Dolphins: 1 (Dan Marino)

Seattle Seahawks: 1 (Doug Baldwin)

Sand Diego Chargers: 1 (Doug Flutie)

New York Jets: 1 (Wayne Chrebet)

St. Louis Rams: 1 (Kurt Warner)

Dallas Cowboys: 1 (Jason Whitten)

Cleveland Browns: 1 (Nick Chubb)

New Orleans Saints: 1 (Alvin Kamara)

Washington Redskins: 1 (Terry McLaurin)

Chicago Bears: 1 (Eddie Jackson)

Jake's Flakes

1) Jake's Flakes Cereal Box:

  Jake Plummer, QB - Arizona Cardinals (Shown Left)


Jake's Flakes was my first cereal box that I purchased. I heard about it while I was taking in a game at old Sun Devil stadium in 1998. The funny thing was I couldn't find it in any stores so I ended up buying it online. Jake Plummer was the first Cardinal to have his own cereal.

Moss' Magic Crunch

2) Moss' Magic Crunch Cereal Box:

  Randy Moss, WR - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


Randy was the first Vikings player to have his own cereal line. Randy burst onto the scene in1998 and set many rookie receiving records while in the process. His cereal is one of only two brands that have a "Lucky Charms" look to it.

Tommy Gun Flakes

3) Tommy Gun Flakes Cereal Box:

  Tommy Maddox, QB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Shown Left)


The Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for the lead the NFL in cereal boxes. They have had 3 players release a total of 4 different boxes. This one is from Tommy Maduox who signed with Pittsburgh in 2001. He led the Steelers to the playoffs that year, amassing a 10-5-1 record. After that season, he was also rewarded with the launch of Tommy Gun Flakes, a play on his nickname "Tommy Gun." Maddox had a disappointing 2002 season and was soon replaced by Ben Roethlisberger, but unopened boxes of his cereal can still be found online.

Ed's Endzone Cereal Box

4) Ed's Endzone Cereal Box:

  Ed McCaffrey, WR - Denver Broncos (Shown Left)


A three-time Super Bowl winner, wide receiver Ed McCaffrey, had most of his success when paired with John Elway on the Denver Broncos. While with the team, he also released his cereal brand: Ed’s End Zone, as well as putting his face on a line of gourmet mustards and a horseradish sauce. 


5) MarinO's Cereal Box:

  Dan Marino, QB - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left)


While Kurt Warner was working in a grocery store stocking shelves because his football career wasn’t going anywhere, Marino spoke to Warner but not the way you would expect.


Marino was featured on a cereal box. Warner said Marino’s eyes seemed to follow him as he went up and down those store aisles.


Marino’s image had strong words for Warner. “Every time I looked at the box, Dan seemed to be asking, "Are you going to spend your life stocking somebody else’s shelves?'”


Those words pierced Warner’s soul and helped give him the strength to overcome his fear of failure and move forward.


“That crazy conversation between me and a cereal box would set the wheels of change in motion and would lead to a pretty good laugh when, less than five years later, I would join Dan Marino as the only two players in the in the 40-touchdown club.”

Kelly Krunch

6) Kelly Krunch Cereal Box:

  Jim Kelly, QB - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


In 2002, Jim Kelly, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame that August, unveiled Kelly Krunch, a honey-nut toasted oats cereal. As part of the deal, proceeds from the cereal’s sale went toward Hunter’s Hope, a charity Kelly founded in honor of his son Hunter, who suffers from the deadly Krabbe disease. Unopened boxes of "Kelly Krunch" can still be found online.

Chrebet Crunch

7) Chrebet Crunch Cereal Box:

  Wayne Chrebet, WR - New York Jets (Shown Left)


In June of 2000, Wayne Chrebet also got into the cereal marketing business. Wayne Chrebet was a huge member of the Jets from 1995 to 2005.  Part of the proceeds from sales of "Chrebet Crunch" went toward The Collen Giblin Foundation, a charity that finds treatments and cures for children with neurological diseases.

Flutie Flakes

8) Flutie Flakes Cereal Box:

  Doug Flutie, QB - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


Buffalo Bills quarterback Doug Flutie released his brand of corn flakes cereal in 1998 to raise money for autism awareness in honor of his son, who is autistic. The cereal ended up being a hit, selling more than 3 million boxes (Flutie eventually branched out into other foods, including a fruit snack called Flutie's Fruities). But the Flakes were also the center of controversy when then-Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson used them to celebrate a playoff win over Flutie and the Buffalo Bills. Celebrating in the locker room, Johnson slammed a box of the cereal on the ground and let his players dance and stomp on the flakes. Flutie objected, saying it was akin to stomping on his son and got Johnson to publicly apologize.


9) Flutie Flakes Cereal Box:

  Doug Flutie, QB - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


Four box designs of Flutie Flakes were featured. The first edition is red and features two images of Flutie in blue Bills uniforms. The second edition, released in 1999, is blue with a picture of Flutie in a red jersey similar to what quarterbacks wear in practice but also fitting the team's color palette. The 2000 third edition is white, blue, and red and features Flutie in a white Bills uniform. After Flutie signed with the San Diego Chargers in 2001, the third edition photo was altered to match the Chargers' color scheme and was placed on top of a navy, yellow, and white design. Additionally, the 2001 box reads "Super-Charged" above the Flutie Flakes logo, replacing the "Collector's Box" text that is featured in the three Buffalo editions of the cereal.

Flutie Flakes SD

10) Flutie Flakes Cereal Box:

  Doug Flutie, QB - San Diego Chargers (Shown Left)


Besides, winning isn't always everything. Doug Flutie -- the 5-foot-10 Ex-San Diego Chargers quarterback who has made a career out of upsetting expectations -- hasn't had much playoff time and never made it to a Super Bowl.

But Ty Ballou, PLB's president, estimated more than 3 million boxes of Flutie Flakes (frosted flakes) have been sold since their introduction in 1998, perhaps in part because the high-profile quarterback donates proceeds to autistic children (his son, Doug Jr., has autism).

Alstott's A-train Express

11) Alstott's A-Train Express Cereal Box:

  Mike Alstott, RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Shown Left)


In September of 2000, Mike Alstott became the latest cereal owner. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of his cereal went to the Mike Alstott Fund, a fund that raises funds for underprivileged and less fortunate children. Mike Alstott played for the Bucs from 1996 to 2007 and during that time Mike was one of the most popular Bucs.


12) OchocinO's Cereal Box:

  Chad Ochocino, WR - Cincinnati Bengals (Shown Left)


The toasted oat cereal honoring then-Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (formerly Chad Johnson) isn’t much remembered for its taste or nutritional value. Instead, the legacy of Ochocinco’s will be its accidental endorsement of a phone sex line. A phone number printed on the box was supposed to send shoppers to the mainline of Feed The Children, the charity benefiting from the cereal sales. But manufacturers put the wrong prefix on the number and instead printed the bawdy number. When news of the accident broke, Ochocinco took to Twitter to say he was “bummed” about the mixup and asked, “of all numbers why that one!”

Warner's Crunch Time

13) Warner's Crunch Time Cereal Box:

  Kurt Warner, QB - St. Louis Rams (Shown Left)


While with the St. Louis Rams, Kurt Warner was a part of the Greatest Show on Turf, winning two MVP awards and a Super Bowl. His rise from the Arena Football League and ascension from backup to starting star also made him a hit with fans. To capitalize, Warner put his face on a frosted corn flakes cereal called “Warner’s Crunch Time,” with proceeds going to Camp Barnabas, a Missouri camp for disabled children.

Peyton's O's

14) Peyton's O's Cereal Box:

  Peyton Manning, QB - Indianapolis Colts (Shown Left)


In 2000, Peyton Manning entered the cereal line arena. Peyton's O's were honey nut toasted oats cereal. A portion of the sale from "Peyton's O's" went towards the Peyback Foundation. The Peyback Foundation was established in 1999 and promotes the future success of disadvantaged children. "I was blessed growing up in a loving and close-knit family, made stronger by the presence of my father." says Peyton.


15) MariO's Cereal Box:

  Mario Williams, DE - Houstone Texans (Shown Left)


Williams unveiled "MariO's," a honey toasted oats cereal named after him in 2012. "Cool," as Williams says it is to have his picture on a cereal box, more important to him is donating all of his proceeds to a Buffalo charity supporting children with cancer, and their families.

"MariO's" was another in a long line of limited edition cereal produced by PLB Sports. That's the Pittsburgh-based company which brought area sports fans "T.O's," during Terrell Owens season in Buffalo, and "Flutie Flakes," during Doug Flutie's tenure as the Bills quarterback.


Mario, remains to this day, the only defensive player to have his own cereal line.

C.J.'s Mile High Crunch

16) C.J.'s Mile High Crunch Cereal Box:

  C.J. Anderson, RB - Denver Broncos (Shown Left)


You know you’ve made it as a professional athlete when you have your face on a cereal box.

Now, C.J. Anderson is in the big times. From undrafted free agent to Super Bowl champion, the Denver Broncos star running back has accomplished more than most would have ever expected, and he has no one to thank but himself.

Jordy's Farm Fresh Flakes

17) Jordy's Fresh Farm Flakes Cereal Box:

  Jordy Nelson, WR - Green Bay Packers (Shown Left)


Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson also had his own cereal. Nelson officially introduced his “Jordy’s Farm Fresh Flakes” cereal in September of 2016. 

“It’s something I don’t think you anticipate when you get older and play sports, to be on a cereal box, but it’s pretty cool to see it,” Nelson told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “It’s cool. It’s an honor. Hopefully, everyone goes out and tries it, has some fun with it. That’s why we did it.”

Baldwin Smacks

18) Baldwin Smacks Cereal Box:

  Doug Baldwin, WR - Seattle Seahawks (Shown Left)


Seattle Wide Receiver, Doug Baldwin also launched his very own line of cereal just in time for the start of the 2017 football season. “BALDWIN SMACKS” was a honey puffed wheat cereal packaged in a 15.3 oz box featuring a comic book-like illustration of the star wide receiver. Since coming into the league as an undrafted rookie in 2011 out of Stanford, Doug Baldwin established himself as one of the game’s most consistent wide receivers.

Witten's Lucky Stars

19) Witten's Lucky Stars Cereal Box:

  Jason Witten, TE - Dallas Cowboys (Shown Left)


Cowboys all-pro tight end Jason Witten was no flake.  In fact, he was a star. Jason Witten's "Lucky Stars" cereal hit the shelves in 2015. The All-Pro football player teamed up with PLB Sports, which sells athlete-endorsed food products, to create the product; which was a mix of oat pieces and marshmallows, (the 2nd such cereal. Randy Moss' being the first).


20) World Championship Crunch Cereal Box:

  Jerome Bettis, RB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Shown Left)


Everybody's favorite outrageous tight end also had his own breakfast cereal.  Grönk Flakes was released to the public in 2012. "Grönk Flakes" were a real thing, and Rob Gronkowski looks as silly on the cover of the box (left) as you would expect. "If you want to be buff like me, you'll eat that stuff," Gronkowski said. Grönk Flakes were inspired by "Flutie Flakes," a cereal by former Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie. According to Gronkowski, his parents bought Flutie Flakes "every day."


21) HOF Crunch Cereal Box:

  Jerome Bettis, RB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Shown Left)


Everybody's favorite outrageous tight end also had his own breakfast cereal.  Grönk Flakes was released to the public in 2012. "Grönk Flakes" were a real thing, and Rob Gronkowski looks as silly on the cover of the box (left) as you would expect. "If you want to be buff like me, you'll eat that stuff," Gronkowski said. Grönk Flakes were inspired by "Flutie Flakes," a cereal by former Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie. According to Gronkowski, his parents bought Flutie Flakes "every day."

Gronk Flakes

22) Gronk Flakes Cereal Box:

  Rob Gronkowski, TE - New England Patriots (Shown Left)


Everybody's favorite outrageous tight end also had his own breakfast cereal.  Grönk Flakes was released to the public in 2012. "Grönk Flakes" were a real thing, and Rob Gronkowski looks as silly on the cover of the box (left) as you would expect. "If you want to be buff like me, you'll eat that stuff," Gronkowski said. Grönk Flakes were inspired by "Flutie Flakes," a cereal by former Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie. According to Gronkowski, his parents bought Flutie Flakes "every day."


23) Tyler's Touchdown Crunch Cereal Box:

  Tyler Eifert, TE - Cincinnati Bengals (Shown Left)


Everybody's favorite outrageous tight end also had his own breakfast cereal.  Grönk Flakes was released to the public in 2012. "Grönk Flakes" were a real thing, and Rob Gronkowski looks as silly on the cover of the box (left) as you would expect. "If you want to be buff like me, you'll eat that stuff," Gronkowski said. Grönk Flakes were inspired by "Flutie Flakes," a cereal by former Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie. According to Gronkowski, his parents bought Flutie Flakes "every day."


24) Terrell Owens' TO's Cereal Box:

  Terrell Owens, WR - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


Before he and Ochocinco teamed up for a season in Cincinnati, Terrell Owens actually mirrored him by launching his own cereal brand. The TO’s brand came out when TO joined the Buffalo Bills in the 2009 season and features a rather cryptic picture of TO flexing his bicep around a blown-up piece of cereal.


25) JuJu Smith-Schuster Jumpin' JuJu's Crunch Cereal Box:

  JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR - Pittsburgh Steelers (Shown Left)


Write-up Coming soon.


26) Kirk Cousins' Cousins Cinnaminn Snaps Cereal Box:

  Kirk Cousins, QB - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)

In October 2020, Hy-Vee announced that "Cousins CinnaMINN Snaps" — a limited-edition cereal — would be available in select Minnesota stores. Cousins CinnaMINN Snaps has been created through a partnership between Hy-Vee, the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation and PLB Sports, Inc. The cereal is expected to raise $21,000 for the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation, which will then donate proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, which operates multiple locations in the area.


27) Josh Allen's Josh's Jaqs 1st Edition Cereal Box:

  Josh Allen, QB - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


There was a new cereal hitting store shelves in 2020 made just for the Billsmafia. Josh’s Jaqs are a red and blue frosted ‘O’ celebrating Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, and they are still available on auction sites like ebay. Like “Flutie Flakes” and “Kelly Krunch” before it, “Josh’s Jaqs” feature the heroic image of the Bills QB throwing a football on a blue box that shows the red and blue team colored cereal Os. Allen announced the cereal by saying he always dreamed of having his own cereal.

Produced by PLB Sports & Entertainment and sold at Wegmans stores, proceeds from “Josh’s Jaqs” will help support the Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York.


28) Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares Cereal Box:

  Aaron Jones, RB - Green Bay Packers (Shown Left)


After being overlooked and underrated during his first three NFL seasons, Aaron Jonesis  finally starting to get the respect he deserves. In 2020, the Packers running back entered the cereal foray. The Green Bay Packers running back had the distinction of being one of only two Green Bay Paclers to have their very own breakfast cereal. The year of 2020 saw the Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares hitting stores. The “toasty sweet cinnamon squares cereal” bearing Jones’ name was the latest in the PLB Sports product arsenal. The Pittsburgh-based manufacturer seems to have cornered the market on passable food items made to honor athletes. Jones was one of 2020's releases.


29) Alvin Kamara's Kamara's King Crunch Cereal Box:

  Alvin Kamara, RB - New Orleans (Shown Left)


As if after leading the NFL in 2020 with 21 touchdowns and being selected to his 4th Pro Bowl in four years wasn't enough, New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has now officially made it to "King" status.  Alvin "Kamara's King Crunch" cereal was released in 2021 -- a honey, oat and flakes cereal with Kamara's likeness on the cover of the Mardi-Gras themed box. A portion of the sales proceeds will benefit the Children's Bureau of New Orleans, whose mission is to support the mental health and wellness of children and families in the New Orleans community


30) Nick Chubb's Chubb Crunch Cereal Box:

  Nick Chubb, RB - Cleveland Browns (Shown Left)

Cleveland Browns stud running back Nick Chubb has been an excellent example on and off the field since joining the team a few years back and has been touted as the best running back in the game today.

Chubb is so much more than that though, as off the field the former Georgia running back is giving back, launching a new cereal that is going to help many others.


The cereal’s proceeds are going to an organization entitled ‘First Candle,’ which works with trying to eliminate ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,’ or SIDS.


31) DeAndre Hopkin's Hop Box Cereal Box:

  DeAndre Hopkins, WR - Arizona Cardinals (Shown Left)


Write-up Coming soon.


32) Adam Thielen's First Down Flakes Cereal Box:

  Adam Thielen WR - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen got into the cereal game in 2022 with his own sugary breakfast food called 'First Down Flakes'.

'First Down Flakes' looks a lot like Kirk Cousin's cereal that was released last year. Its corn flake cereal with a sugary coating, think Frosted Flakes, but unlike Tony The Tiger's cereal, Thielen's is a limited edition and the money raised will go to a good cause.

Thielen teamed up with grocery store chain Hy-Vee for the limited edition cereal it will be available in stores throughout Minnesota during the 2022 football season.

The Thielen Foundation is expected to get about $8,500 from the funds raised from the 'First Down Flakes', the foundation will use the money to support youth with behavioral health challenges, and underserved kids' sports organizations in an effort to keep kids active and healthy.


33) Josh Allen's Josh's Jaqs 2nd Edition Cereal Box:

  Josh Allen, QB - Buffalo Bills (Shown Left)


They love Josh Allen in Buffalo. That became clear last year when his grandmother died, and fans flooded John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital with donations in the name of Patricia Allen.

There’s a new way to support the children’s hospital. The second edition of Josh Allen’s cereal contains a code that, when scanned, takes the user to a page with a $17 donation button.

“It’s very surreal to have your own cereal,” Allen said in a release, via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News. “It’s something as a kid you always dream of when you grow up, seeing athletes on other cereal boxes and Olympic champions, USA gold medalists. It’s a very humbling experience, and to have my own cereal box with two different editions is just awesome.”

First, there is a second cereal. Soon, there will be a second contract. Allen became a mega superstar in 2020, and now is the time to strike the balance between getting him the compensation he deserves while also creating a structure that allows the team to keep talented players around him well into the future.


34) Travis Kelce's Kelce's Krunch Cereal Box:

  Travis Kelce, TE - Kansas City Chiefs (Shown Left)

Watch out, Patrick, there is a new sheriff in town. Well, in cereal form only. Patrick Mahomes'  Magic Crunch has new competition. 

In 2021, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Hy-Vee announced a multi-year endorsement deal and in 2022, the grocery store chain launched Kelce’s Krunch cereal. A portion of proceeds from each box sold will go to Kelce’s 87 & Running Foundation.


Kelce was asked whether he had tried the cereal. It’s safe to say that he’s a fan of it.

“Have I ? I’ve already went through about 10 boxes,” Kelce told reporters. “I’m a big Frosted Flakes guy, and this is the Kelce Krunch version of it, for sure. I think it has a little bit more sugar, but don’t ask me.


“You can get it over at Hy-Vee, and of course, some of the proceeds go to 87 & Running, my foundation which helps out the inner city youth out here in Kansas City and up in Cleveland in my hometown. So hopefully we can get Kansas City on board and raise some funds here from my foundation.”

Kelce’s Krunch will be available for a limited time only, so head to your local Hy-Vee stores and grab this collector’s item before it’s gone.


35) Terry McLaurin's Crunch Time Cereal Box:

  Terry McLaurin, WR - Washington Redkins (Shown Left)

Now Washington Redskin's wide receiver Terry McLaurin has his own cereal.

Terry McLaurin’s Crunch Time Flakes has partnered with PLB Sports & Entertainment, and proceeds go to the Terry McLaurin Foundation, which helps underserved children with education and social support, health and wellness assistance, and mentorship.

The sugar-frosted flakes cereal is available both online and at Safeway stores in the Washington D.C. area.

“To be able to have the opportunity to create a unique product for my fans while helping out the community is a win-win and something I always strive to do,” McLaurin said.

In addition to McLaurin’s likeness on the front of the box, the back features his most “crunch time” moments with the Redskins.

McLaurin likes to promote breakfast. In March of this year, the Redskins partnered with the American Dairy Association of the Northeast,  with McLaurin sending messages to kids in the D.C. area about the advantages of school breakfasts.


36) Eddie Jackson's Bo Jack's Cinnamon Toast Squares Cereal Box:

  Eddie Jackson, S - Chicago Bears (Shown Left)

Now Chicago Bear's Safety Eddie Jackson has his own cereal.

Proceeds from Jackson’s cereal will benefit his charity, Remain to Reach Foundation. According to the foundation's website, Remain to Reach “aims to inspire and provide resources to at-risk youth who have found themselves in trouble with the law at a young age.”

“I grew up in a challenging situation, and I saw many friends go through unimaginable things,” Jackson said in a statement on the foundation’s website. “I feel blessed to have ended up where I am today – in the NFL – but that is not the story for so many kids who grow up in at-risk situations. Through Remain to Reach I hope to connect with as many of those kids as possible, and remind them that there is hope and that they have to make the most of their second chances.

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