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Signed & Framed Jerseys

When it comes to football memorabilia, I really don't have a preference for what type of memorabilia I buy, whether it's a jersey, helmet, shoes or gloves. The only preference I have is do I like that player? I buy memorabilia for myself and not to impress other people. You won't see a Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey in my collection. Why? Because I'm not a big Tom Brady fan. Instead, you'll see a bunch of memorabilia from Joey Browner. Why? Because Joey was my most favorite player when he was playing. And, as a matter of fact, he might still be. I actually got to meet Joey once. And it wasn't at some team function. I got to sit at a restaurant and talk to him for over 2 hours. It was amazing. So listed below are some "Game Worn" jerseys by players that I liked.

Adrian Wilson Jersey.JPG

Adrian Lemar Wilson, SS - Arizona Cardinals (Shown Left): 

    Drafted - 3rd Round in the 2001 draft from North Carolina St.


When it comes to my favorite team, that is the Vikings. Always has been and always will be. However, growing up in St. Louis, I always did cheer for the Cardinals. Adrian Wilson became the first jersey I bought of a Cardinals player. He was everything you wanted in a Safety. He was built from the David Fulcher, Ronnie Lott, Joey Browner, and Steve Atwater mold. An absolute hitter from the safety position. When I saw an autograph jersey of his, I could not resist.

Greg Lloyd Jersey.JPG

Gregory Lenard Lloyd, LB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Shown Left):

     Drafted - 6th Round in the 1987 draft from Fort Valley St.


The really cool thing about this jersey was the fact that it was once worn by Greg Llyod and owned by Derrick Thomas. After Derrick's passing in early 2000, an auction was held to sell some of Derrick's memorabilia. This was one of the items I really wanted. The other items I really wanted 1) an Alabama license plate that read "ISKQBS" that, unfortunately for me, went really high and 2) a James Hasty's jersey that I just missed out on. It only went for $45 dollars. But I did get the item I wanted most; Greg Lloyd's jersey.

Jason Taylor Jersey.JPG

Jason Paul Taylor, DE - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left):

     Drafted - 3rd Round in the 1997 draft from Akron.


I was never a big fan of the Miami Dolphins, but I thought Jason Taylor was a complete stud at the defensive end position. From a 3rd round selection from the little school of Akron, the Dolphins got themselves a steal. Jason transformed himself into a perennial All-Pro. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy an autographed Jersey, Shoes and Gloves from this player. Talk about a steal!


Brian Patrick Dawkins, SS - Philadelphia Eagles (Shown Left):

      Drafted - 2nd Round in the 1996 draft from Clemson.


I still haven't gotten this one framed yet, (it costs a lot and I'm a procrastinator), but I will one of these days. This was another Birthday present that my wife surprised me with. I actually got to meet Brian during a Philadelphia Eagles Fan Fest day at the old vet. Talk about some biceps!!


Joey Matthew Browner, SS - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left):

     Drafted - 1st Round in the 1983 draft from USC.


Write-Up Coming Soon.


John Scott Studwell, MLB - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left):

      Drafted - 9th Round in the 1977 draft from Illinois


This was the first item that my wife got me. A Scott Studwell signed jersey along with a signed photo, his rookie card, a Viking patch and a letter signed by Scott made out to me. And with all that, my wife was still PO'd with Scott for signing the front of the jersey instead of the back. Hey, I guess you can't have everything.

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