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Signed & Framed Game Worn Gloves 

When it comes to football memorabilia, I really don't have a preference on what type of memorabilia I buy, whether it's a jersey, helmet, shoes or gloves. The only preference I have is do I like that player? . I buy memorabilia for myself and not to impress other people. You won't see a Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey in my collection. Why? Because I'm not a big Tom Brady fan. Instead, you'll see a bunch of memorabila from Joey Browner. Why? Because Joey was my most favorite player when he was playing. And, as a matter of fact, he might still be. I actually got to meet Joey once. And it wasn't at some team function. I got to sit at a restaurant and talk with him for over 2 hours. It was amazing. So listed below are some "Game Worn" gloves by players that I liked.

Joey Browner Gloves.JPG

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Game Worn Gloves:

  Joey Browner, SS - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


When it comes to your favorite player, having anything game-worn is a plus. So I was extremely delighted to be able to get my hands on "Game Worn" Gloves back in 2000. However, I will point out that it wasn't me, but my wife that tracked these down for me.

Sam Madison Gloves.JPG

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Game Worn Gloves:

  Patrick Surtain, CB - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left)


I really thought Sam Madison was an excellent corner when he played, but wasn't really looking for anything that he wore to place in my sportsbar. However, I couldn't pass these up when I saw them for sale online. They went really cheap and I'm glad I got them.

Michael Bennett Gloves.JPG

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Gloves:

  Michael Bennett, RB - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


Michael Bennett's gloves were sold as "Practice" gloves. They were worn during training camp. Be very careful when you get autographs on certian items. These were signed on the plastic portion of the glove and have already started to fade. 

Jason Taylor Gloves

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Game Worn Gloves:

  Jason Taylor, DE - Miami Dolphins (Shown Left)


Jason's memorabilia I got for a steal. I was able to pick up a signed jersey, signed shoes and gloves for one price. Jason was the prototypical defensive end of his era. Kinda like Simeon Rice, before Simeon Rice.

Antowain Winfield Gloves

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Game Worn Gloves:

  Antowain Winfield, CB - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


Antowain's gloves just looked so cool, I had to at least try and go after them. And believe me, I was shocked when I got them too. I don't have many "Game Worn" Gloves, but Antowain's are the coolest.

Robert Griffith Glove

Signed & Framed 8X10 & Game Worn Glove:

  Robert Griffith, CB - Minnesota Vikings (Shown Left)


Robert's glove was another item that my wife got for me. I was only able to get one of them, but one is better than none. Robert was a small safety for the Vikings back in the 90s, but man could he bring the thunder.

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