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Beckett Omissions

My Additions to the Beckett Annual Price Guide (Updated December 30th, 2018)

The whole idea for this page came from my belief that collecting football cards for me isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. I put a lot of time, money and energy into collecting. And since the Beckett Annual is my "End All, Be All" source of information, I want that source to be as complete as it can be. 


So this page will list the any and all cards that over the years I've added to the Beckett database thru e-mail correspondence. These cards aren't errors, they were just left out of the Beckett database for one reason or another. 


My only wish is that Beckett would issue an updated list somewhere that would tell us, the collectors, that there has been an addition or subtraction to one of the sets. Otherwise, how else would you know that one of the sets that you previously completed now has another card just added to it?

Regardless, here are the cards that I've uncovered.

1996 Classic Eric Moulds Autograph wo SB

1996 Classic: “Eric Moulds” Unlisted Autograph #40

1996 Classic: The Beckett Annual even stated in the set description that any additions to this set would be appreciated. They obviously knew that there were some out there that weren't accounted for. And boy, have I found some.  

1996 Classic: Eric Moulds, Unlisted Autograph, #40 (Shown Left): Eric's card is the only one of the bunch that is NOT stamped. Hence, Beckett was only interested in placing it in their price guide if the cards were authenticated, (i.e. stamped). I can't say I blame them, but here it is regardless.

1996 Classic: Daryl Gardener, Unlisted Autograph, #11 (Shown Right): Daryl's card was another one that I found, but unlike Eric's card, this one had a stamp.

1996 Classic Daryl Gardener Autograph w

1996 Classic: “Daryl Gardener” Unlisted Autograph #11

1996 Classic
1996 Classic Jerome Woods Autograph w SB

1996 Classic: “Jerome Woods” Unlisted Autograph #22

1996 Classic: Jerome Woods, Unlisted Autograph, #22 (Shown Left): Jerome Woods was also MIA for this set. Not anymore. Complete with certification stamp too.

1996 Classic: Kyle Wachholtz, Unlisted Autograph, #57 (Shown Right): Kyle may not have been the most popular Trojan QB ever, but you're always popular when your rookie autograph card is suddenly found.

1996 Classic Kyle Wacholtz Autograph w S

1996 Classic: “Kyle Wachholtz" Unlisted Autograph #57

1996 Classic Mike Alstott Autograph w SB

1996 Classic: Mike Alstott, Unlisted Autograph, #49(Shown Left): Mike had several high quality, very sought-after autograph cards. This should be another one. Until this baby showed up, it was unlisted in Beckett.

1993 Proline Portraits: Emmitt Smith, Unlisted Autograph, #NNO (Shown Right): I couldn't believe it when I found this card and noticed it was unlisted. Beckett couldn't believe they missed it either. It's listed now. As a matter of fact, the scan in the price guides is of this very card.

1993 Proline Autographs Emmitt Smith (F)

1996 Classic: “Mike Alstott" Unlisted Autograph #49

1997 Skybox: Sometimes the cards I find aren't Autographs or Memorabilia cards, sometimes, they're simple inserts.

1993 Proline Portraits: “Emmitt Smith” Unlisted Autograph #NNO

1997 Skybox Inside the Numbers
1997 Skybox Premium Barry Sanders Number

1997 Skybox Premium: Barry Sanders, Inside the Numbers, #7(B) (Shown Right): Initially, Beckett had this set listed as an 8-card set. However, the discovery of Barry's card took the set to 9.

1997 Skybox Premium: Dan Marino, Inside the Numbers, #90(B) (Shown Right): Next up is Marino's card. Now the set is 10.

1997 Skybox Premium Dan Marino Inside th

1997 Skybox Premium: “Barry Sanders” Inside the Numbers (B) #7

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Originally Beckett stated that any additions to the "Stand Up Guys" insert set would be appreciated. And they needed a bunch of gaps filled. I've provided 11 different cards for this set and counting.

1997 Skybox Premium: “Dan Marino” Inside the Numbers (B) #90

1998 Pinnacle Inside
1998 Pinnacle Stand-Up Guys 4B.jpg

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Davis / Smith” Stand Up Guys #4-B

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Levens / Sanders / Davis / Smith, Stand Up Guys, #4ABCD (Shown Left): The first of the 11 was the NFL RBs card.

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Glenn / Moore / Pickens / Rice, Stand Up Guys, #7ABCD (Shown Right): Next up was the NFL WRs card.

1998 Pinnacle Inside WRs #7B.jpg

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Glenn / Moore” Stand Up Guys #7-B

1998 Pinnacle Stand-Up Guys 22B.jpg

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Dutton / Leaf” Stand Up Guys #22-B

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Greise / Manning / Dutton / Leaf, Stand Up Guys, #22ABCD (Shown Left): Even Manning had a Rookie Stand Up Promo card.

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Enis / Green / Edwards / Taylor, Stand Up Guys, #23ABCD (Shown Right): The Rookie Running Back were also featured on a "Stand Up Guys" Promo card. 

1998 Pinnacle Stand-Up Guys 23B.jpg

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Edwards / Taylor” Stand Up Guys #23-B

1998 Pinnacle Inside Peyton Manning Conf

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Peyton Manning” Conference Clash #AFC-8

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Peyton Manning, Conference Clash, #AFC-8 (Shown Left): This one showed up recently and it wasn't cheap. The seller, (ebay ID: marketplacessi), wanted $9,500 for it. Seriously? No F'in way. 



Note: When you see a card priced like this, it's basically the seller saying, "In No Way, do I want to sell this card, but if you give me $9,500 dollars, I can part with it." 

1998 Pinnacle Inside: Peyton Manning, Behind the Numbers, #20 (Shown Right): The same seller also has this card for sale. This one he's selling at a discount. This one is only $8,500. What a deal!!

1998 Pinnacle Plus: The Pinnacle Plus set had a plethora of Promo Insert sets; "Sunday's Best", "Piece of the Game" and "Go to Guys". There are a bunch to hunt down. 

1998 Pinnacle Inside Peyton Manning Behi

1998 Pinnacle Inside: “Peyton Manning” Behind the Numbers #20

1998 Pinnacle Plus
1998 Pinnacle Barry Sanders Go To Guys (

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Barry Sanders” Go To Guys #6

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Barry Sanders, Go To Guys, #6(Shown Left): The "Go To Guys" set is a 30-card set and Beckett barely had any listed. There were a bunch to find. Barry was one of the bigger names I found.

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Danny Kanell, Go To Guys, #10 (Shown Right): I never thought of Danny as a "Go To Guy", but Pinnacle obviously did.

1998 Pinnacle Danny Kanell Go To Guys  (

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Danny Kanell” Go To Guys #10

1998 Pinnacle Dan Marino Go To Guys (F).

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Dan Marino” Go To Guys #23

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Dan Marino, Go To Guys, #23 (Shown Left): Dan Marino fans now have another card to find.

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Napolean Kaufman, Go To Guys, #26 (Shown Right): Al Davis loved guys named Napolean. Pinnacle thought highly of them too.

1998 Pinnacle Plus Napolean Kaufman Go T

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Napolean Kaufman” Go To Guys #26

1998 Pinnacle John Elway Piece of the Ga

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “John Elway” Piece of the Game #1

1998 Pinnacle Plus: John Elway, A Piece of the Game, #1 (Shown Left): The 2nd Pinnacle Plus insert set was one called "Piece of the Game". Which is an odd name for an insert set without including a piece of memorabilia. Regardless, one of the cards was John's.

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Dan Marino, A Piece of the Game, #2 (Shown Right): Marino collectors have another Marino card to go get.

1998 Pinnacle Dan Marino Piece of the Ga

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Dan Marino” Piece of the Game #2

1998 Pinnacle Plus Warrick Dunn Piece of

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Warrick Dunn” Piece of the Game #5 (Sealed)

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Warrick Dunn, A Piece of the Game, #5 (Shown Left): Sometimes you're lucky enough to find cards still sealed in packs. The Warrick Dunn card was one such card for me.

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Terrell Davis, A Piece of the Game, #9 (Shown Right): And the year was 1998, So you better believe Terrell Davis had a card.

1998 Pinnacle Plus Terrell Davis Piece o

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Terrell Davis” Piece of the Game #9

1998 Pinnacle Plus Emmitt Smith Sunday B

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Emmitt Smith” Sunday's Best #3

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Emmitt Smith, Sunday's Best, #3 (Shown Left): Emmitt makes an appearance in the "Sunday's Best" promo set.



Note: This photo was taken from "JadeRock" who is another of those sellers who really don't want to sell, but......

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Jake Plummer, Sunday's Best, #7 (Shown Right): The "Snake" is also one of the Promo cards I found from this set.

1998 Pinnacle Plus Jake Plummer Sundays

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Jake Plummer” Sunday's Best #7

1998 Pinnacle Plus Dan Marino Sunday's B

1998 Pinnacle Plus: Dan Marino, Sunday's Best, #9 (Shown Left):  And yet another Marino card to go get. Just as long as the JadeRock or Marketplacessi isn't selling it, you could own it yourself.


1998 Pinnacle Plus: Brett Favre, Sunday's Best, #11 (Shown Right): Also, Favre had a card in this set too. Which wraps up a classic Promo set full of veteran NFL Superstars. 


1998 Pinnacle Plus Brett Favre Sunday's

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Dan Marino” Sunday's Best #9

1998 Pinnacle Plus: “Brett Favre” Sunday's Best #11

2001 Press Pass

2001 Press Pass: The Press Pass family of releases has had a plethora of cards that have somehow made their way onto the market place without them being listed in Beckett. On a comical note, I e-mailed Press Pass years ago about some of these cards that were so hard to find but listed in Beckett. I wanted to know if they actually existed, an e-mail from Press Pass yielded the response, "If it's listed in Beckett the card exists." Seriously? I told Dan Hitt that I would list whomever I wanted in the price guide, 'cause Press Pass would, obviously, create a card for that player.

2001 Press Pass Howard Auto F.jpg

2001 Press Pass: “Willie Howard” Autograph #NNO


2001 Press Pass: Willie Howard, Autograph, #NNO (Shown Left): Sometimes when I get a card I'll notice that the card isn't listed in the Beckett price guide. When I got the Willie Howard card I wasn't looking for a missing card. Because I honestly didn't know it was missing. Lucky for me, nobody else was looking for Willie's card either.


2001 Press Pass SE: Gary Baxter, Autograph, #NNO, (Shown Right): Between 2002 and 2004 Gary was a solid corner, which makes this find a really cool one.

2001 Press Pass Baxter Auto F.jpg

2001 Press Pass SE: “Gary Baxter” Autograph #NNO

2001 Press Pass SE: Jamar Fletcher, Autograph, #NNO, (Shown Left): This was another autograph that I didn't understand how it was missed, but it was.


2001 Press Pass SE: Ken-Yon Rambo, Game-Worn Jersey, #JC/KYR, (Shown Right): This was another great find. And the fact that it was a card given away at the "2001 National" and still not accounted for makes finding it even more special.


2001 Press Pass SE: “Ken-Yon Rambo” Game Used Jersey #JC/KYR

2001 Press Pass SE: “Jamar Fletcher” Autograph #NNO

1999 Skybox Metal Mark Brunell Patchwork

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: Originally Beckett had this set listed as a 16-card set. The 3 that I found bring the set to 19. 

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: Mark Brunell, Patchworks, #2, (Shown Left): This card was another great find and the fact that it's an amazing patch makes it even better.

1999 Skybox Metal Curtis Martin Patchwor
1999 Skybox Molten Metal

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: “Mark Brunell” Patchworks #2

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: “Curtis Martin” Patchworks #11

1999 Skybox Metal Johnnie Morton Patchwo

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: Johnnie Morton, Patchworks, #14, (Shown Left): Sometimes when I find these cards, I don't realize that they are missing until I check the price guide. Other times, like the time I  found this one,  I know right away.

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: Curtis Martin, Patchworks, #11, (Shown Above Right): Curtis Martin was another big name missing from the price guide. Three players missing means somebody at Skybox screwed up.

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: “Johnnie Morton” Patchworks #14

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Brad Johnso

2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: The problem sometimes with alot of these lists that Beckett has is that the lists show an "Exchange" card, but not an "Autograph" card.

2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: Joe Hamilton, UD Authentics, #JH, (Shown Right): The Joe Hamilton card was one such card. The Beckett Price Guide lists an "Exchange" card, but no autograph card. Well, here it is.

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Joe Hamilto
2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve

2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: “Brad Johnson UD Authentics #BJ

2001 UD Game Gear Terrell Davis Autograp

2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: Brad Johnson, UD Authentics, #BJ, (Shown Above Left): I had no idea that this card existed until the day I saw it. Its always nice to write Beckett with discoveries like this one.

2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: Terrell Davis, Game Gear Autograph, #TD-GS, (Shown Left): Although not part of the "Gold Reserve" set, the Terrell Davis card must've slipped thru the cracks, regardless. This one wasn't listed at the time I found it.

2001 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: “Joe Hamilton" UD Authentics #JH

2000 Fleer Tradition Peter Warrick Patch

2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: “Terrell Davis” Game Gear Autograph #TD-GS

2000 Fleer Tradition: The 2000 Fleer Tradition release had a bunch of cards that were missing from the Beckett Price Guide.

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Peter Warrick” PatchWorks #NNO*

2000 Fleer Tradition

*Note: I do not own the card above. Unfortunately, I lost the auction for this card.

2000 Fleer Tradition Jamal Anderson Genu

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Jamal Anderson” Genuine Coverage #NNO

2000 Fleer Tradition: Jamal Anderson, Genuine Coverage, #NNO, (Shown Left): Another one of those cards that might have been the result of a typo.

2000 Fleer Tradition: Darrin Chiaverini, Genuine Coverage, #NNO, (Shown Right): The Chiaverini card which was one of the sets only "Glove" cards was also a good find.

2000 Fleer Tradition Darren Chiaverini G

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Darrin Chiaverini” Genuine Coverage #NNO

2000 Fleer Tradition Jake Plummer Genuin

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Jake Plummer” Genuine Coverage #NNO

2000 Fleer Tradition: Jake Plummer, Genuine Coverage, #NNO, (Shown Left): Jake's card was the 3rd of 4 cards that were missing from the Beckett checklist.

2000 Fleer Tradition: Germane Crowell, Genuine Coverage, #NNO, (Shown Right): The 4th card on this list is Germane's jersey card. The real question is, how many more missing cards are out there? 

2000 Fleer Tradition Germane Crowell Gen

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Germane Crowell” Genuine Coverage #NNO

In closing, omitted cards play a significant role in the hobby. For example, I've completed several sets that, by accident, I discovered new cards on ebay. And these new cards still weren't listed in Beckett. So if I didn't run across them by accident, I never would've known they existed. I enjoy finding them and then letting the powers that be at Beckett know about them. I'll always want to know if a new card is discovered or if a set is expanded, because otherwise, my complete set is no longer complete.

Thanks! Message sent.

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