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My Bowman Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

1992 Bowman: “Chuck Cecil” #529

1992 Bowman: “Ray Childress” #43 (Back)

1994 Bowman: “Terry Wooden” #74 UCE

1998 Bowman: “Takeo Spikes” RC #4

2000 Bowman Laverneous Coles Autograph.j

2000 Bowman: “Laveranues Coles” Rookie Autograph #LC

I have to admit I wasn't too impressed with the first Bowman set released in 1991 mainly because it was another one of the Topps brand cardboard sets.  But like everyone else I was caught off guard when in 1992 Bowman cut production and its '92 set was scarce.  I finally did find a set of the 1992 Bowman and was very pleased with it, (See the 1992 Bowman "Chuck Cecil" #529 top left).  

All card manufacturers in the early 90s, (With the exception of Pro-Set), still used the border that wasted card space with Bowman being one of them, (See the 1993 Bowman “William Fuller” #239 top right), but Bowman really used the back well.  Bowman incorporated a picture with a small player write-up, bio, stats, and a team flashback, (See the 1992 Bowman "Ray Childress" #43 mid left). Is there anything they missed? (Take note Collector's Edge:  That is how you use the back of a card!).  The Bowman brand turned from a cardboard set to one of the Premium brands on the market. That excellence continued all the way thru the 90s, (See the 1994 Bowman “Terry Wooden” bottom left), the (1995 Bowman “Dwayne Sabb” mid right), and the (1999 Bowman “Ty Law” bottom right).

The ’98 set was / is still my favorite Bowman set.  By this time, all the card manufacturers were using the rookie photo shoot to drive interest to their newest releases, (See the 1998 Bowman “Takeo Spikes” #4 RC bottom left).

Nobody did it like Upper Deck, of course, but Topps and it’s sister sets, (like Bowman), made sure the competition didn’t run away with it. The whole 1998 release, from the base set to the insert sets to the autograph set were nicely done, (See the 1998 Bowman “Andre Wadsworth” Rookie Autograph #A2 below right).

The 2000 release of Bowman was a solid addition to the already solid standing title. With a 240-card set and 7 insert sets the 2000 release had everything you'd want. Maybe the only thing missing was a larger memorabilia set. The one included, called Draft Day Relics, was only 4 cards. However, my favorite part of this release was the Rookie Autograph cards, (See the 2000 Bowman “Laveranues Coles” Rookie Autograph #LC below left). The Rookie Autograph cards was just a stunning autograph set.

In 2001, Topps increased the set size for its Bowman title to 275 cards. Now we are getting to set size that I like. And although the inserts dropped from 8 in 2000 to 7 in 2001, Bowman must've heard my only complaint in 2000 because it added 2 more larger memorabilia sets. While all of this was a plus, Bowman started doing something right around this time, Bowman started calling themselves the "Home of the Rookie Card". Because, using the 2001 set as our example, out of a 275-card set 130 cards would be veterans and 145 cards would be rookies. How many veteran defensive players, do you think were in those 130-cards? If you guessed 6, you would be correct. So basically if you play defense and didn't have a rookie card, its a safe bet that you were never gonna have a card. Period, (See the 2001 Bowman “Jimmy Williams” Rookie #237 below right).

The 2002 Bowman release was very similar to the 2001 release with the only exception being the removal of the non-memorabilia set.  The set size was exactly the same too; 275-cards. And Bowman loaded up the set with a plethora of Rookie Cards again, (See the 2002 Bowman “Ed Reed” Rookie #138 below right). The memorabilia sets and autograph sets were simple enough and also easy to find which always makes putting sets together a breeze.

This high quality has continued into other Bowman titles with sets like the 2001 Bowman Chrome Draft Day Relics insert set, (See the 2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Smith Draft Day Relics Cap #DHJS below). No better way to show the latest rookies while up on the stage on draft day with their new jersey and cap.  Hats off to Bowman, they got this one right.

1993 Bowman: “William Fuller” #239

1995 Bowman: “Dwayne Sabb” #63

1998 Bowman: “Andre Wadsworth” Rookie Autograph (Blue) #A2

1999 Bowman: “Ty Law” #21

2001 Bowman Jimmy Williams RC.jpg

2001 Bowman Chrome: “Justin Smith” Draft Day Relics Cap RC #DHJS

In closing, the Topps' Bowman brand is a very safe title to collect. It is a high-quality title with a solid set size and a very good assortment of Rookie cards. The Bowman title also has a very good # of autograph sets and memorabilia sets in each release. Just enough to keep the collector coming back. You just can't go wrong if you decide to pursue Bowman as a title to collect. 

2001 Bowman: “Jimmy Williams” Rookie #237

2002 Bowman Ed Reed RC.jpg

2002 Bowman: “Ed Reed” Rookie #138

I have complete sets:


Bowman Series:

1) 1991 Bowman Set

2) 1992 Bowman Set

3) 1993 Bowman Set

4) 1994 Bowman Set

5) 1995 Bowman Set

    A) First Rounder's Insert ( 22 / 27 )

6) 1996 Bowman Set - Does Not Exist

7) 1997 Bowman Set - Does Not Exist

8) 1998 Bowman Set

    A) Scout's Choice Insert 

    B) Chrome Preview Insert

    C) Autograph's Insert (Blue) - Incomplete ( 9 / 11 )

    D) Autograph’s Insert (Silver) - Incomplete ( 2 / 11 )

9) 1999 Bowman Set

    A) Late Bloomers / Early Risers Insert

    B) Autographs Insert - Incomplete ( 31 / 32 ) 

10) 2000 Bowman Set

    A) Bowman's Best Previews Insert 

    B) Breakthrough Discoveries Insert

    C) Autographs Insert

    D) Draft Day Relics Insert

    E) Road to Success Insert

    F) Rookie Rising Insert 

11) 2001 Bowman Set

    A) 1996 Rookies Insert

    B) Rookie Reprints Insert

    C) Rookie Preprints Seat Relics Insert

12) 2002 Bowman Set

    A) Draft Day Relics Insert - Incomplete ( 6 / 10 )

    B) Flashback Autographs Insert - Incomplete ( 6 / 8 )

    C) Flashback Jerseys Insert

    D) Signs of the Future Insert

13) 2003 Bowman Set

14) 2004 Bowman Set

15) 2005 Bowman Set

    A) Draft Day Selections Insert ( 2 / 12 )

    B) Fabric of the Future Double Insert 

    C) Signs of the Future Insert ( 36 / 37 )

16) 2006 Bowman Set

  A) Draft Day Relics Insert - Incomplete ( 5 / 14 )

17) 2007 Bowman Set

Bowman Chrome Series:

1) 1998 Bowman Chrome Set - Do Not Have

2) 1999 Bowman Chrome Set

    A) Scout’s Choice Insert

3) 2000 Bowman Chrome Set - Do Not Have

    A) Scout's Choice Update Insert

    B) Rookie of The Year Jumbos Insert

4) 2001 Bowman Chrome Set - Do Not Have

    A) Draft Day Relics Insert - Incomplete ( 10 / 11 )

5) 2002 Bowman Chrome Set- Do Not Have

6) 2003 Bowman Chrome Set- Do Not Have

7) 2004 Bowman Chrome Set- Do Not Have

8) 2005 Bowman Chrome Set- Do Not Have

9) 2006 Bowman Chrome Set

Other Bowman Series:

1) 1998 Bowman Interstate Set

2) 2000 Bowman Reserve

    A) Autographs Insert

    B) Rookie Autographs

    C) Rookie Premiere Jerseys Insert

Bowman Promo Sets:

1) 1995 Bowman Promos

2) 1999 Bowman's Best Promos

3) 2000 Bowman Promos

4) 2000 Bowman's Best Promos

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