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My Classic Collection (Updated December 30th, 2021)

1991 Classic: “Eric Swann” #7

1995 Classic NFL Rookies:

“Mark Fields” #13

1996 Classic NFL Rookies: “Daryl Gardener” Autograph Unlisted / Unreleased #11

Classic was the first of the college cards.  I waited for a set like this since I was 10 or 11, something about players in their college uniforms that I always wanted to collect.  Classic debuted in 1991 with a serial numbered set; The hobby’s first. But with that nice introduction came a huge border, one that even Topps would’ve been proud, (See the 1991 Classic “Eric Swann” #7 top left).

In my opinion, the “classic” Classic set was in 1993, (See the 1993 Classic “Adrian Murrell” #30 top right).  If your going to have a border on your card, make it so that it’s not overpowering. In 1993, Classic did just that. Everything on the front was perfect.  On the flip-side, if your going to go border-less, the 1995 Set, (See the 1995 Classic “Mark Fields” #13 mid-left), is as good as your going to get.  The mid-90’s was a time when all manufacturers went border-less for a couple years. Classic was not any different.

Back in 2005, I noticed a very interesting thing about the 1996 Classic Autographs. The 24th Annual Beckett Price Guide called out a complete set of 6.  However, over the course of five years from 2005 to 2010, I found 12 more additions to that list of 6. Some of the cards I found are shown

1993 Classic: “Adrian Murrell” #30

below. (See the 1996 Classic Darryl Gardner #11 bottom left), the (1996 Classic Jerome Woods #22 below) and the (1996 Classic Mike Alstott #49 bottom right). All 3 Autos have the "SB" stamp found in the lower right-hand corner. From time to time I still locate a certified autograph from this autograph set. After contacting Dan Hitt of Beckett and sending him my findings, the 27th Annual Beckett Price Guide now calls out an Autograph set of 17.

The other unlisted autographs from this set are #27 Alex Molden, #34 Jeff Hartings, #40 Eric Moulds, #41 Amani Toomer, #48 Jeff Lewis, #57 Kyle Wachholtz, #80 Pete Kendall, #85 Marco Battaglia, and #2 Jonathan Ogden. The latter, of which, I do not yet own. Hence, it remains absent from the price guide. Also, cards of Molden, Moulds, and Toomer did NOT have the S/B stamp in the corner. I’ve also discovered an unstamped version of Johnny McWilliams and Kyle Wachholtz. They remain the only two autos I’ve found to have a stamped and unstamped version of.

In closing, I'm not sure why the hobby finally walked away from the Classic brand, but I would have to say that they just didn't give us anything to look forward to.  Classic kind of blended in after a while and they just got lost in the hobby explosion.

1996 Classic NFL Rookies: “Jerome Woods” Autograph Unlisted / Unreleased #22

1996 Classic NFL Rookies: “Mike Alstott” Autograph Unlisted / Unreleased #49

I have complete sets:


Classic Series:

1) 1991 Classic Set

2) 1992 Classic Set

    A) LPs Insert

3) 1993 Classic Set

    A) LPs Insert

    B) Stars Insert

    C) Superhero Comic Insert

4) 1994 Classic Set

    A) Stars Insert

    B) Game Cards Insert

5) 1995 Classic Set

    A) Instant Energy Insert

    B) Draft Review Insert

    C) Rookie Spotlight Insert

    D) NFL Rookies Die-Cuts Insert

    E) Bonus Card Jumbos Insert

6) 1996 Classic Set

    A) Autographs Insert - Incomplete ( 17 / 18 )*

    B) NFL Home Jersey's Insert

    C) Rookie #1 Die-Cuts Insert


*Note: This set is not complete and 18 may or may not be the total # of cards. I have located and added 11 cards to the list of 6 that Beckett originally called out.



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