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Collector's Edge: Advantage

My Collector's Edge: Advantage Collection (Updated December 28th, 2021)

1996 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Rodney Peete”#26

1996 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Marcus Allen” Crystal Cuts #CC10

1999 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Torry Holt” RC #167

As I mentioned on the Collector's Edge page, I don't really know who was in charge of the art design group at Collector's Edge, but one has to wonder where they got their ideas.  If you ever heard the term, "Filler Cards", that is exactly what the base cards were at Collector's Edge. Filler cards is the term given to junk cards used to fill packs and help conceal the "Chase Cards". Now Collector's Edge did have its share of nice chase cards that were truly memorable and collectable.

The Collector's Edge Advantage set made its debut in 1996 and boy was it a real downer, (See #4 on My Least Favorite Sets).  It had a really ugly front side which really underutilized its given area. The 1996 Advantage set is the poster boy of why I normally don't like cut-out players pasted onto a crazy backgrounds.  However, this set did have the Truly remarkable "Game Ball" cards, (See the 1996 Collector's Edge Advantage "Terrell Davis" Game Ball Insert #32 top right), and they made up for any shortfall the set had. Even though the card shows Davis pasted onto a crazy background, it was the first of it's kind. Game Ball cards were now part of the hobby landscape.

Well, the Collector's Edge Advantage series may have been a one-hit wonders itself. After 1996, the title did not exist in 1997. I can't help but think that designs like the "Crystal Cuts" helped in its demise, (See the 1996 Collector's Edge Advantage "Marcus Allen" #CC10 left). It just so happens that this set is also on my "Top 10 Least Favorite Sets" This set may have looked good in the boardroom, oh heck what am I talking about, this set wouldn't have looked good anywhere.  I have no idea who gave it a "Thumbs Up", but sets like this litter card shops everywhere. 

However, with that being said, the Collector's Edge Advantage series did come back in 1998. The '98 set did a lot better at giving its fans something more than an alternative to firewood. I do not own the '98 set myself so I don't have a scan to show you, but I do own the complete set of the "Memorable Moments" Game Ball cards and they are extremely attractive. Another Game ball set that was widely accepted by the hobby, (See the 1998 Collect's Edge Advantage "Jimmy Smith" Memorable Moments #5 on right). So with all the flaws that Collector's Edge had, the Game Ball cards were definitely not one of them. 

Nineteen Ninety Nine was the last year for Collector's Edge Advantage, and not surprisingly, they didn't include any Game Balls with that set. However, they did include for the first time, Autograph cards, (See the 1999 Collector's Edge 

1996 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Terrell Davis” Game Ball #32

1998 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Jimmy Smith” Memorable Moments #5

1999 Collector’s Edge Advantage: “Ricky Williams” Rookie Autographs #186 RC

 Advantage "Ricky Williams" Rookie Autograph #186 on right). What was more surprising was that I actually liked the '99 set. It was the first set that actually looked like something halfway worth keeping, (At this point, I should point out that I collect and keep even the sets that I don't like, like the '96 Advantage set and the '96 Crystal Cuts insert set. This drives my wife crazy!). One more thing I would like to point out about the 1999 set is the wild and wacky attempt by Collector's Edge to cover up all the college emblems and names, (See the 1999 Collector's Edge Advantage "Torry Holt" #167 RC on left). Talk about the price of high licensing, but that just looks silly.

I have complete sets:


Collector's Edge Advantage Series:

1) 1996 Collector's Edge Advantage Set

    A) Crystal Cuts Insert

    B) Role Models Insert

    C) Game Ball Insert

    D) Super Bowl Game Ball Insert

2) 1997 Collector's Edge Advantage Set - Does Not Exist

3) 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage Set - Do Not Have

    A) Memorable Moments Insert

    B) Personal Victory Insert

    C) Showtime Insert - Insert

4) 1999 Collector's Edge Advantage Set

    A) Overture Insert

    B) Jumpstarters Insert

    C) Shock Waves Insert

    D) Prime Connection Insert

    E) Memorable Moments Insert

    F) Rookie Autographs Insert


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