Those Wacky Auctions

My opinion only, (as if it matters) (Updated May 29th, 2022)

I am not only a huge football card collector, but I buy almost exclusively on eBay, probably about 85% ebay. Anyway, I'm always checking on cards to complete a set or looking at cards to start that next set and I'm always amazed at auctions that start at some ridiculous price. My first thought is always, is this how you're saving for your kid's college tuition? For whatever reason, the following auctions are a few that I noticed that made me look twice:

1) 1992 Proline Profiles " Don Shula" Autograph:  Now I understand that Don has an incredible coaching record, but let's be honest, unless Don is buying this card himself, there is zero chance this card sells at that price. $999.00 for a NM-MT graded card is a huge asking price.

1992 Proline Profiles Don Shula Autograph.jpg

2) 2006 Upper Deck SP Authentic "Laurence Maroney" Rookie Autograph Patch:  Sometimes when I see auctions such as this, I think that the person really doesn't want to sell the card listed, but he will if you offer them "this much". Or they could just be showing "the world" their latest addition to their collection. Also, I've never been a big fan of getting cards #'d to a player's jersey #, but some of us do collect those cards. Either way, this card is severely over-priced.

2006 sp Authentic Laurence Maroney Rookie Jersey.jpg

3) 2003 Playoff Absolute "Troy Polamalu" Rookie #149:  Like Don Shula above, Troy was an amazing football player and had many amazing impact plays, but to say that this card is worth $799 is just plain silly. I will gladly leave this card to the Steeler nation to snag.

2003 Playoff Absolute Troy Palamalu Rookie.jpg
1997 Press Pass Orlando Pace Autograph.jpg

4) 1997 Press Pass "Orlando Pace" Rookie Autograph #21:  Now this card isn't such a stretch at $499. I've seen it recently go for just over $103 in early 2022. But $500 for Orlando Pace is just asking a tad too much, even for an autographed short-printed card. Sorry Orlando, but a SB win and a HOF nod doesn't guarantee a $500 card.

5) 1992 Proline Profiles "Troy Aikman" #6 of 9:  Now a really glitzy card holder with a player's name does not $50 make. Seriously? This is a $2.00 card and a $2.00 card holder. This card will never sell for $50. I'd take that bet to Vegas. I don't care how dumb cowboy fans are, they can't be that dumb.

1992 Proline Profiles Troy Aikman.jpg

I am always finding these wacky auctions so check back from time to time to see what other surprising auctions are out there. Thanks for looking.