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Do They Exist

The Do They Exist List (Updated December 30th, 2018)

This page is an attempt by me to ask the collecting world if the cards on this page actually exist. I've never seen any of the cards listed on this page. If anyone has seen any of these cards or has one of these cards, I'd be very interested in obtaining.  The Beckett Annual calls out each of these cards without an "SP" or "Short Print" identifier. So either it was missed by Beckett or the card manufacturers didn't let Beckett know about the short printing. 

The cards listed below are the cards I'm wanting to know if they "Exist". However, since I don't have a picture of each card listed, I display a card from that set to show what the card will look like, in general.

1)  Player: Corey Dillon

     Set: 2001 Fleer Showcase: "Stitches"

     Card #: 3

I've searched and searched and searched for this card and I'm still searching. Fleer has a bunch of insert sets that seem to be short one card, well I found the short card for the 2001 Fleer Showcase "Stitches" set, it's Corey Dillon.

2001 Fleer Showcase: “Peter Warrick” Stitches #15

2001 Fleer Showcase
2001 Fleer Focus Kevan Barlow Certified

2)  Player: Kevan Barlow

     Set: 2001 Fleer Focus: "Certified Cuts"

     Card #: CC-KB

What is ironic about this one is that I've located an Autograph Exchange, but not an autograph card. Like every card on this list, I have no idea whether this card exists, but due to the fact that every great once in a while a new card from this set shows up, I thought I would include it.

2001 Fleer Focus: “Kevan Barlow” Certified Cuts Exchange#CCKB-X

3)  Player: Jamal Lewis

     Set: 2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition

     Card #: JL

I have every card from this set, even the extremely difficult to find Dorsey Levens' card, but there is one card, (per the Beckett Annual), that exists that I have been unable to locate....the Jamal Lewis' card.

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition: “Ray Lewis” Game Used Jersey #RL

4)  Player: Daunte Culpepper

     Set: 2001 Upper Deck: "Classic Draft Jerseys"

     Card #: DC-CD

This is another card that Beckett says it exists, however, I've never seen it. It's almost as if Upper Deck wanted to keep up with Fleer. Fleer seemed to be famous for having one card that was short printed from random memorabilia sets.  This was Upper Deck's version and the only card I'm missing.

2001 Upper Deck: “Jevon Kearse” Classic Draft Jerseys #JK-CD

5) Player: LaDainian Tomlinson

     Set: 2001 Bowman Chrome: "Draft Relics"

    Card #: DH-LT

Bowman created two types of memorabilia cards for this set; jerseys and hats. The jersey cards are readily available, but its the hats that are harder to find and Tomlinson's hat is the hardest, providing that it does indeed exist. 

2001 Bowman Chrome: “Michael Vick” Draft Relics #DJ-MV

6)  Player: Dan Morgan

     Set: 2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: "Autographs"

     Card #: DM-DS

I actually asked Dan Hitt from Beckett years ago about this card, he said that Beckett had, "...several confirmed sales on this card in 2001, but none since." I certainly haven't seen any.

2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: “Gerard Warren” Autographs #GW-GS

7)  Player: Koren Robinson

     Set: 2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: "Autographs"

     Card #: KR-DS

I actually asked Dan Hitt from Beckett years ago about this card, he said that Beckett had, "...lots of confirmed sales on this card." Maybe so, but I've never seen it and I've been searching for it since 2008.

2001 Upper Deck Game Gear: “Ron Dayne” Autographs #RD-GS

8)  Player: Eddie George

     Set: 2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars: "Player's                  Collection Autos"

     Card #: PCX

Beckett lists this card, but I've never seen it on ebay. As a matter of fact, I'm missing 2 cards of Eddie from this set. Eddie always signed everything, so this card has to exist.

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars: “Troy Aikman” Player's Collection Autographs #PC8

9)  Player: Eddie George

     Set: 2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars: "Player's                  Collection Combo"

     Card #: PC5

Beckett lists this card, but I've never seen it on ebay. This is the 2nd of the two Eddie cards that I am missing from this set.

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars: “Kurt Warner” Player's Collection Combo #PC15

10)  Player: Mike Anderson

     Set: 2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects: "Jerseys"

     Card #: AN-J

The Beckett Annual says it exists, but even Dan Hitt, (Then the Editor-in-Chief), told me year's ago that Beckett never had a recorded sale of this card and even he doubted it's existence.  So here it sits, on this list.

2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects: “Keenan McCardell” Jerseys #KM-J

11)  Player: Jevon Kearse

     Set: 2000 Fleer Tradition: "Autographics"

     Card #: 84

Beckett says this card exists. I've never seen it. There are about 12 autographics cards in this set that Beckett says exist that I've never seen. In addition to the Kearse card, Ronney Jenkins, Trevor Insley, Jerry Porter, James Williams, and Terrance Wilkins are but a few listed that are MIA.  I recently found Travis Taylor's card, so there may be some hope for the rest of these.

2000 Fleer Tradition: “Donnell Bennett” Autographics #11

1997 Press Pass Reinard Wilson Autograph

12)  Player: Corey Dillon

     Set: 1997 Press Pass: "Autographs"

     Card #: 9

There are 3 cards that I've never seen, that Beckett says exist. The Corey Dillon card being the biggest name of the bunch. The other two being WR, Reidel Anthony and WR, Ike Hilliard. I've never seen anything close to these 3 cards in over 15 years of searching.

1997 Press Pass: “Reinard Wilson” Autograph #30

2001 Press Pass Todd Heap Autograph.jpg

13)  Player: Nate Clements

     Set: 2001 Press Pass: "Autographs"

     Card #: 9

Beckett says this card exists. I've never seen it. Nate Clements was, at one point, the biggest, hottest and most attractive name in free agency.  And as far as this set goes, he still is.

2001 Press Pass: “Todd Heap” Autographs #15

14)  Player: DeSean Jackson

     Set: 2010 Upper Deck SPx: "Rookie Materials"

     Card #: DS

Beckett says it exists, eBay says something different. I've never seen this card listed. Desean has other cards from this set, but the "Rookie Materials" card remains elusive.

2010 Upper Deck SPx: “Montario Hardesty” Rookie Materials #MH

Thanks! Message sent.

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