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My Donruss Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

1996 Donruss: “Hardy Nickerson” #62

1996 Donruss: “Keyshawn Johnson” Elite #14

1997 Donruss: “Brett Favre” Elite #3

I love Donruss.  The card art is always new, innovative, and cutting edge. I really enjoyed the 1996 Donruss set, (See the 1996 Donruss "Hardy Nickerson" #62 left).  The card photography was excellent and the backs gave complete stats with good write-ups.

One thing that Donruss has always had was nice, crisp, and flawless insert sets.  In 1996, Donruss’s first year expanding into the football market gave the hobbyist several of these insert sets, (See the 1996 Donruss “Terry Glenn” Rated Rookies #2 right and the 1996 Donruss “Steve Atwater” Hit List #9 below right). These insert sets targeted rookies and veterans, respectively. Donruss always gave something for everyone and these 2 sets are prime examples of that.

The 1996 Donruss Insert sets are a great example of how card companies use insert sets to generate interest for future sets.  How is that? Well, in 1996 Donruss introduced the "Elite" Insert set.  This insert was kind of refreshing.  They had such positive feedback in both 1996, (See the 1996 Donruss "Keyshawn Johnson" Elite #14 top left), and in the follow-up insert set in 1997, (See the 1996 Donruss "Brett Favre" Elite #3 below left), that Donruss finally created the Donruss Elite title in 1999.  A nice creative way to test a future product.

After a one-year hiatus, (yep, there was no '98 release from the Donruss flagship), Donruss came back with a bang, (of course, the year before, Donruss missed out on Future Hall of Famers, in Peyton, Randy, and Charles). Although the '99 release was kinda wimpy on the card set, (it was only 200 cards), it was the insert sets that rocked. The 1999 Donruss release had a whopping 11 insert sets, two of which were autograph sets. When a company releases a title with that many insert sets, it really keeps the collector busy for a long time. While I didn't think the base cards were all that, (See the 1999 Donruss "Sean Dawkins" #115 below right), a few of the insert sets, like the Rookie Gridiron Kings, were amazing, (See the 1999 Donruss "Champ Bailey" Rookie Gridiron Kings #RGK6 below right).

In closing, the Donruss brand was a solid hobby staple for more than seven years even though they only released 5 sets. The Donruss brass always provided the hobby with multiple options when it came to collecting, but the flagship title was always the safe choice. Although the '99 release dipped to 200 cards, normally Donruss had a solid set size with a multitude of insert sets for the collector. If you want a great set or two from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Donruss just might be the title you're looking for.

1996 Donruss: “Terry Glenn” Rated Rookies #2

1996 Donruss: “Steve Atwater” Hit List #9

1999 Donruss Sean Dawkins.jpg

1999 Donruss: “Sean Dawkins” #115

I have complete sets:


Donruss Series:

1) 1996 Donruss Set

    A) Hit List Insert

    B) What If Insert

    C) Will to Win Insert

    D) Elite Silver Insert

    E) Stop Action Insert  

    F) Rated Rookies Insert

    G) Elite Gold Insert - Incomplete ( 8 / 20 )

2) 1997 Donruss Set

    A) Elite Silver Insert

    B) Rated Rookies Insert

    C) Passing Grade Insert

    D) Legends Of The Fall Insert

    E) Zoning Commission Insert

    F) Elite Gold Insert 

3) 1998 Donruss Set - Does Not Exist

4) 1999 Donruss Set

    A) Elite Insert

    B) Executive Producers Insert

    C) Fan Club Insert

    D) Fan Club (Gold) Insert

    E) Gridiron Kings Insert

    F) Rated Rookies Insert

    G) Rookie Gridiron Kings Insert

    H) All-Time Gridiron Kings Insert

    I) Zoning Commission Insert

5) 2000 Donruss Set Incomplete ( 240 / 250 )

    A) Elite Insert

    B) Dominators Insert

    C) Gridiron Kings Insert

    D) Rookie Gridiron Kings Insert

6) 2001 Donruss Set - Does Not Exist




1999 Donruss Champ Bailey Gridiron Kings

1999 Donruss: “Champ Bailey” Rookie Gridiron Kings #RGK6

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