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My Fleer Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

In 1990, Fleer came back onto the football card landscape and not necessarily with a bang. One of the ugliest sets I have is the 1991 Fleer Football Set, (See the 1991 Fleer "Kevin Mack" #38 below left).  It's also listed as #5 on my "Least Favorite Sets" list.  A player cut-out pasted on a background of team colors.  It must have taken the Fleer team a whole 15 minutes to come up with that design!!  I would be ashamed to say I was part of that design team.  Its predecessor, the 1990 set wasn't much better, but it was still light years ahead of the 1991 set, (See the 1990 Fleer: "Deion Sanders" #382 left). Regardless of how bad years 1990 and 1991 were for Fleer, it did get better.

The turn-around for Fleer started in 1992, the action shots that Fleer started utilizing were very nice and unique and the card layout was excellent, (See the 1992 Fleer “Scott Case” #3 top right). The 1993 set, with its gray border, is my favorite Fleer release, (See the 1993 Fleer “Roger Craig” #81 below left).  Fleer really turned things around and started releasing some very nice products starting in 1992 and that continued up until the mid-90s.

I think the '95 set took a step back for me. I just didn't like the stats floating around on the card front. I realize you have to do something new each year, but that just wasn't it, (See the 1995 Fleer "Jamir Miller" #8 below left). The '95 release had 7 insert sets, a 3 set reduction from the '94 release. This reduction was much easier for the average collector to put together, the only drawback would've been the low book value the set and insert sets had. Where not any one of them were worth over $40.

The 1997 set is extremely attractive, (See the 1997 Fleer “Brian Dawkins” #52 bottom center).  The 1997 set utilized a different kind of stock for its release that made it kinda memorable.  The release displayed action shots which were always a favorite of mine, excellent stats, and the color-coded teams within the stat box on the back were a nice addition.  As it turns out, Fleer is the only brand that has been on my favorite and least favorite setlists. 

1990 Fleer: “Deion Sanders” #382

1992 Fleer: “Scott Case” #3

1993 Fleer: “Roger Craig” #81

1994 Fleer: “Chuck Cecil” #5

The 1994 Fleer release was also a very nice addition to the Fleer line. Autographs were not part of the hobby landscape, at least not like they are today. Proline had that market cornered at that time, but Fleer added a facsimile autograph to the 1994 release, (See the 1994 Fleer "Chuck Cecil" #5 below right). The '94 release had 10 insert sets, one of which showed the new 1995 Fleer Flair release, (See the 1995 Fleer “Kerry Collins” Flair Preview #4 below left). 

1996 Fleer: “Reggie White” #52

The 1996 set was another positive release from Fleer, (See the 1996 Fleer "Reggie White" #52 below right). Gone were the floating stats that appeared in the '95 set. Also, 7 insert sets were included with this release, but this time, Fleer included a very short 3-card Rookie Autograph set, (See the 1996 Fleer "Eddie George" Rookie Autographs #A2 below right). Unfortunately, without a good place to sign, the signatures were normally over the picture and weren't as legible as some of today's autograph cards.

1991 Fleer: “Kevin Mack” #38

1995 Fleer: “Kerry Collins” Flair Preview #4

In conclusion, the Fleer title ended in 1997, but, in reality, changed names. In 1998, "Fleer" became, "Fleer: Tradition". See the "Fleer: Tradition" page for my thoughts about that title. For the other smaller Fleer titles, please go to the "Fleer: Other Titles" page.  In early 2005, Fleer announced that it would cease all productions of trading cards and file an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, which is a State Court liquidation, similar to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In July 2005, Upper Deck acquired the rights to the Fleer name and began producing Fleer-branded football cards. The $6.1 million Upper Deck paid for the Fleer name was significantly less than the $25 million UD offered to buy out Fleer a year earlier.

1995 Fleer: “Jamir Miller” #8

1997 Fleer: “Brian Dawkins” #52

1996 Fleer: “Eddie George” Rookie Autographs #A2

I have complete sets:


Fleer Series:

1) 1990 Fleer Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Fleer Update Set

2) 1991 Fleer Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Pro-Visions Insert

3) 1992 Fleer Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Mark Rypien Insert

    C) Team Leaders Insert

    D) Rookie Sensations Insert

4) 1993 Fleer Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Prospects Insert

    C) Steve Young Insert

    D) Team Leaders Insert

    E) Rookie Sensation Insert

5) 1994 Fleer Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Pro-Visions Insert

    C) Jerome Bettis Insert

    D) Award Winners Insert

    E) League Leaders Insert

    F) Living Legends Insert

    G) NFL Prospects Insert

    H) Rookie Exchange Insert

    I) Rookie Sensation Insert

    J) Scoring Machines Insert

6) 1995 Fleer Set

    A) Pro-Visions Insert

    B) Aerial Attack Insert

    C) Flair Preview Insert

    D) NFL Prospects Insert

    E) TD Sensations Insert

    F) Rookie Sensations Insert

    G) Gridiron Leaders Insert

7) 1996 Fleer Set

    A) RAC Pack Insert

    B) Breakthroughs Insert

    C) Rookie Autographs Insert

    D) Rookie Write-Ups Insert

    E) Statistically Speaking Insert

    F) Rookie Sensations Insert

    G) Rookie Sensations Hot Pack Insert

8) 1997 Fleer Set

    A) NFL Prospects Insert

    B) Game Breakers Insert

    C) Decade of Excellence Insert

    D) Million Dollar Moments Insert

    E) Rookie Sensations Insert

    F) Thrill Seekers Insert

9) 1998 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

10) 1999 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

11) 2000 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

12) 2001 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

13) 2002 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

14) 2003 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

15) 2004 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

16) 2005 Fleer Set - Does Not Exist

17) 2006 Fleer Set

    A) Faces of the Game Insert

    B) Fantasy Standouts Insert

    C) Fresh Faces Insert

    D) Seek and Destroy Insert

    E) Stretching the Field Insert

    F) The Franchise Insert



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