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Fleer: Genuine

My Fleer: Genuine Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

Back in the mid-90s Fleer only had 1 or 2 titles; fast-forward to 2001, Fleer did their part in flooding the market with title upon title. I mean, how many different groups are within the football hobby market? Well, regardless of how many different groups the Fleer marketing department thought there were, "Fleer: Genuine" fit into some group. I was probably in that group. Heck, I fit into most, if not all, groups. 

I put the "Fleer: Genuine" title onto its own page because as I move forward putting sets together, I liked the "Fleer: Genuine" title enough to do so. So far, I've only just started putting the 2001 release together, so, unfortunately, the 2001 set is all this write-up is going to be about. I was initially unimpressed with the 2001 release. It had a lousy 155-card base set, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine: "Tony Gonzalez" #111 left). That wasn't good, but  what was good, was the 30 Rookie

Jersey cards, inserted into the base card set as a subset, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine: "Chad Johnson" Future Swatch #144 RC below left). So with 30 Rookie Jersey cards counting against your 155-card set, that meant there were only 125 veteran cards. This set was lacking, Severely.

2001 Fleer Genuine: “Tony Gonzalez” #111

2001 Fleer Genuine: “Fred Taylor” Genuine Coverage Plus #23

2001 Fleer Genuine: “Chad Johnson” Future Swatch #144 RC

Even though the base set was lacking, there were 8 insert sets. And four of those insert sets were memorabilia sets. There was also an autograph set to boot, even though it was parallel to the "Names of the Game" memorabilia set, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine: “Johnny Unitas” Names of the Game #17 below left). A few of the other insert sets from the 2001 release were the Genuine Coverage Plus memorabilia set, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine: “Fred Taylor” Genuine Coverage Plus #23 above), and the Final Cut insert set, (See the 2001 Fleer Genuine: “Rob Moore” Final Cut #17 below). These last 2 insert sets from the 2001 "Fleer: Genuine" release aren't expensive nor are they hard too find. So if your looking for a memorabilia card from one of your favorite players and he just happens to be in the 2001 "Fleer: Genuine" release, you can always pick up one of these cards for very little.

2001 Fleer Genuine: “Johnny Unitas” Name of the Game #17

I have barely touched the 2002 and 2003 releases, but I did like how the 2002 release brought back one of my favorite memorabilia set of all time; the Authen-Kicks set, (See the 2002 Fleer Genuine: “Donovan McNabb” Authen-Kicks #A-DM below right). The shoe patches from this set aren't as big as the 1999 "Fleer: Focus" Authen-Kicks patches, but they brought the set back, nonetheless.  And Fleer even added a parallel set to it too this time.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the "Fleer: Genuine" title, I think I liked it because the sets were pretty easy to complete. It obviously got lost in the shuffle of the 2001 hobby onslaught where every card company was releasing 10+ sets each.  The "Fleer: Genuine" title was around for 4 years; with their last release coming in 2004 before they were a distant memory on the hobby landscape. 

2001 Fleer Genuine: “Rob Moore” Final Cut #17

I have complete sets:


Fleer: Genuine Series:

1) 2001 Fleer Genuine Set

    A) Coverage Plus Insert

    B) Final Cut Insert

    C) Hawaii Live-O Insert

    D) Names of the Game Insert

    E) Pennant Aggression Insert

    F) Seek and Deploy Insert

    G) Future Swatch Tandems Insert - Incomplete ( 4 / 5 )

2) 2002 Fleer Genuine Set - Do Not Have

    A) Authen-Kicks Insert

    B) Authen-Kicks Combos Insert - Incomplete ( 4 / 6 )

    C) TD Threats Insert

3) 2003 Fleer Genuine Insider Set - Do Not Have

    A) Insider Autographs Insert - Incomplete ( 2 / 9 )




2002 Fleer Genuine: “Donovan McNabb” Authen-Kicks #A-DM

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