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Fleer: Metal

My Fleer: Metal Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

1996 Metal: “Garrison Hearst” #1

1997 Metal Universe: “Tony Gonzalez” #193 RC

1997 Metal Universe: “James Farrior” Iron Rookies #9 RC

I didn't like the "Fleer: Metal" series when I first saw it, but in the end, it really grew on me.  I was never a big fan of player cut-outs pasted onto an off-the-wall background, but this series was the exception. The base card designs were a little weird, (See the 1995 Metal "Garrison Hearst" #1 card left), but the insert set designs were something else altogether, (See the 1996 Metal “Terry Glenn” Freshly Forged #5 below right), the plastic stock is something I was never a big fan of, maybe that is why I never really embraced the Metal brand, myself.

 I am still a little confused about the 1997 Metal Universe series though, What made Fleer think that this is what we, the collector, wanted?  (See the 1997 Metal Universe Tony Gonzalez #193 below left).  Well, one thing is for sure, and that is, no one tried anything like that before.  Nor have they tried it since. The 1997 Metal Universe series makes me think it was something out of the labs of Collector's Edge.

The insert sets that were included in the 1997 Metal Universe set were innovative and a challenge to collect.  I really liked the “Body Shop” and “Iron Rookies” insert sets. The “Body Shop” cards have a pull away top layer that was neat, new and innovative, (See the 1997 Metal Universe “Shannon Sharpe” Body Shop #9 below right). The “Iron Rookies” cards had a very intricate Die-Cut that I thought was different, (See the 1997 Metal Universe “James Farrior” Iron Rookies #9 below left).

1996 Metal: “Terry Glenn” Freshly Forged #5 RC

The 1998 set was much of the same.  It had a metallic background that depicted a backdrop that corresponded with the city the team played in, (See the 1998 Metal Universe “Rob Moore” #63 below center).  I actually liked this set, several card sets have done this team/city tribute over the years, with Wild Card being the first back in 1993, but it stills looks nice when it’s done right.

In summary, the "Fleer: Metal" base sets didn’t leave any lasting impressions on me, (outside the 1998 set). And leaving a lasting impression on the hobby world, which is much more important, I don't think it really did.

1997 Metal Universe: “Shannon Sharpe” Body Shop #5

1998 Metal Universe: “Rob Moore” #63

I have complete sets:


Fleer: Metal Series:

1) 1995 Metal Set

    A) Gold Blasters Insert

    B) Silver Flashers Insert

    C) Platinum Portraits Insert

2) 1996 Metal Set

    A) Gold Flingers Insert

    B) Gold Fingers Insert

    C) Freshly Forged

    D) Molten Metal

    E) Platinum Portraits Insert

3) 1997 Metal Set

    A) Iron Rookies Insert

    B) Body Shop Insert 

    C) Marvel Metal Insert

4)1998 Metal Set

    A) Quasars Insert

    B) Planet Metal Insert

5)  1999 Metal Set

    A) Quasars Insert

    B) StarChild Insert

    C) Planet Metal Insert



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