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My Favorite 2-Sport Athletes

My Top 10 List (Updated October 30th, 2022)

My Favorite 2 sport athletes list is below.  This is another one of those lists I added for fun. In order to make this list a player had to meet 3 criteria: 1) The player had to have played professionally in 2 professional sports, (So playing pro football and say, college basketball wouldn't count.), 2) If the player played in 2 professional sports, one of them had to have been football, (So you won't find a player who played professionally in baseball and basketball here.), And 3) the player had to have cards manufactured of his feat or else, why have the page.  

The cards listed below are my favorite 2-Sport Athletes:

1991 Score Bo Jackson.jpg

1) Bo Jackson, RB / OF - In those days Al Davis knew what he was doing.  Like taking a 7th round flier on a running back who said he was going to play baseball. He may have had a short career, but his runs were anything but short.

1989 Score Supplemental: “Bo Jackson” #384S

Topps Bo Jackson.jpg

1987 Topps: “Bo Jackson” RC #170

1991 Proline Portraits Brian Jordan.jpg

2) Brian Jordan, S / OF - Brian was a tremendous player for the Falcons. He notched 140 tackles one season and teamed with Scott Case to give the Falcons an excellent 1-2 punch. But Brian decided to give up football and it’s short careers for the sure-thing called Baseball. He played baseball until 2006, a heck of a lot longer than he would’ve lasted playing football at the safety position.

1992 Upper Deck Brian Jordan.jpg

1992 Proline Portraits: “Brian Jordan” #427

1992 Upper Deck: “Brian Jordan” RC #3

2001 Topps John Lynch Pro Bowl Jerseys.j

3) John Lynch, S / SP - Johnny Lynch was one of the pieces of the puzzle that turned the Tampa Bay Yucks into the Tampa Bay Bucs. He teamed with Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks that provided leadership and stability to a franchise that needed it. Oh, and he threw out the first pitch in Marlins history.

2001 Topps: “John Lynch” All-Pro Jerseys #TP-JL

1992 Upper Deck John Lynch Baseball.JPG

1992 Upper Deck: “John Lynch” RC #21

1989 Score Deion Sanders RC.jpg

4) Deion Sanders CB / OF - This guy was All-World in football and a poor man’s Vince Coleman in baseball. The quintessential 2-sport athlete, he of the “touchdown by day and home-run by night” was a Hall-of-Famer in football, but in baseball...... a footnote.

1989 Score: “Deion Sanders” RC #246

1990 Score Deion Sanders.jpg

1990 Score: “Deion Sanders” RC #586

1988 Topps D.J. Dozier.jpg

5) D.J. Dozier, RB / OF - Unfortunately for DJ, he wasn’t good enough for either sport. He should have stayed with one and committed to it. But, then again, he did what very few could or can do, play at the highest level at two different sports.

1988 Topps: “D.J. Dozier” RC #150

1991 Upper Deck D.J. Dozier.jpg

1991 Upper Deck: “D.J. Dozer” RC #3

1996 Donruss John Elway What If.jpg

1996 Leaf: “John Elway” What If #10

6) John Elway, QB / OF - I feel bad about putting John this low, but he never really played in the big leagues, (ie, baseball), so I decided to stick him down here. Although, I will say, that both of Elway's "Rookie" cards are worth more than all the other cards on this page. 

John Elway.png

1982 TCMA Oneonta: “John Elway” RC #13

2001 Fleer Premium Josh Booty .jpg

2001 Fleer Premium: “Josh Booty” RC #221

7) Josh Booty, QB / 3B - Now Josh didn't do much at either level so he's low on this list, (just like Dozier), but again, he achieved something most of us won't; play at the highest level for two professional sports.

1999 Leaf Josh Booty.jpg

1999 Leaf Rookies & Stars: “Josh Booty” RC #270

1999 Upper Deck SP Chad Hutchinson.jpg

2002 Upper Deck SP: “Chad Hutchinson” Rookie Autograph #190

8) Chad Hutchinson, QB / SP - Chad may not have lasted very long in either sport, but he did play 2 different sports at the highest level for 2 of the most iconic organizations. Now that is saying something.

1999 Upper Deck SP Signature Chad Hutchinson.jpg

1999 Upper Deck SP Signature: “Chad Hutchinson” Autograph #CHu

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