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My Favorite Autograph / Memorabilia Sets

My Top 10 List (Updated April 15th, 2021)

This list is of my favorite Autograph / Memorabilia sets. Even though I am not a collector of strictly Game-Used items, I do collect them as part sets. In other words, I do spend the time and money putting Game-Used sets together. And when it comes to Autograph / Memorabilia sets, those are the pinnacle of what the hobby has to offer.

My Favorite Autographed / Memorabilia sets expands my favorite sets to include only those cards that have both an auto and a piece of memorabilia only.  Since the first time I saw one of these items in 1997, ( Collector’s Edge included a few autographs in their Excalibur Helmet insert set), I  didn’t think the hobby could go any further.  I liked the Excalibur Game Helmets set so much it even made my “Top 10 “ list for Game-Used items. Now it doesn’t reside on it at all. There are so many really nice sets, that I feel bad for some of those that are not listed here. So here is my newest favorite list of “Top 10” cards.

The cards shown below are my favorite Autograph / Memorabilia sets:, insert or otherwise.

1) 2001 Leaf Certified: “Fabric of the Game” Insert Set - Not all these cards are autographed, only about 11 are, but I decided to include it anyway.  They are absolutely perfect.

2001 Leaf Certified: “Jim Brown” Fabric of the Game #JN-17 AU

2) 2000 Upper Deck Ovation: “Piece of History Autographs” Insert Set  - Upper Deck released an absolute stunner here. Another set that is #’d to 25. The layout, photography and set size, (6), are near perfect.

2000 Upper Deck Ovation: “Chris Redman” Piece of History Autographs #CRA

3) 2000 Upper Deck SPx: “Winning Materials Autographs” Insert Set - The Winning Materials inserts have been a real hit over the years, adding autographs to them only made them better.

2000 Upper Deck SPx: “Travis Taylor” Winning Materials Autographs #AWMTT

4) 2001 Playoff Absolute: “Boss Hoggs Autographs” Insert Set - I’ve always loved “shoe” cards and autographs make everything better.

2001 Playoff Absolute: “Isaac Bruce” Boss Hoggs Autographs #GH24AU

5) 2000 Upper Deck: “e-Card Prizes” Insert Set - Upper Deck really knows how to do a card layout. I mean, they never screw up. Here is another example of how to do it right.

2000 Upper Deck: “Thomas Jones” e-Card Prizes #TJJ

6) 2001 Playoff Honors: “Game Day Jersey Autographs” Insert Set - Initially I didn’t like this insert set, but it grew on me over the course of a few years. And like I stated earlier, autographs make everything better.

2001 Playoff Honors: “Jake Plummer” Game Day Jersey Autographs #GD35

7) 2001 Donruss Classics: “Team Colors Autographs” Insert Set - The Non-Auto version of this set is #2 on “My Favorite Game-Used Sets List” so it’s no wonder that the Auto version is on this list as well. This set is also the only set on this list that I have complete. One other note, the Kurt Warner autograph in this set is not an on-the-card Autograph, it’s a sticker. It’s the only auto that is NOT on the card itself.

2001 Donruss Classics: “Daryl Johnston” Team Colors Autographs #TC34

8) 2000 Upper Deck Encore: “Rookie Helmet Autographs” Insert Set - Another one of those sets that has a piece of memorabilia an autograph and is #‘d under 100. Upper Deck rarely makes a mistake.

2000 Upper Deck Encore: “Courtney Brown” Rookie Helmets Autographs #AHCB

9) 2002 Press Pass JE: “Game Used Jersey Autographs” Insert Set - Press Pass gets it’s first entry onto this list with it’s 2002 Jersey Edition brand. I really liked the card stock for this set. It’s a very solid and durable, yet attractive stock. The front layout is attractive too.

2002 Press Pass JE

2002 Press Pass JE: “William Green” Game Used Jersey Autographs #AJEWG

10) 2001 Upper Deck SPx Rookie Subset - This is the only entry on the list that isn’t an insert set. The base rookie cards are part of the main set, but very nice regardless.  And you get two to chose from too.

2001 Upper Deck SPx: “Richard Seymour” Rookie / Jersey / Auto #104B

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