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My Favorite Autograph Sets

My Top 10 List + 2 (Updated June 26th, 2023)

This page lists my favorite Autograph sets.  Only the sets that I have at least one card from were taken into consideration for this list. It takes me quite a while to complete some of these sets, but that is what makes it fun.  Every card manufacturer has at least one autographed set, so it isn't hard find one that appeals to you. However, in my case, most of them appeal to me.

It's hard to imagine, but there was a time when there was no such thing as Autographed card sets.  My, have we come a long way.  Pro-Line was the first to offer the "All-Autographed" card set back in 1991, since then, every single card manufacturer has had an autographed set.  Sometimes, I wonder how the players do it.

The sets listed below are my favorite Autograph sets, insert or otherwise; (Excluding Memorabilia cards).

1) 1997 SP: "Sign of the Times" - In my opinion, The Autograph card by which all others are judged. The card front displays multiple player photos, there is ample space for the player to sign, the set size is adequate and if you're into it, there are even collectible autograph redemptions.

1997 Upper Deck SP: “Dan Marino” Sign of the Times #22B

2) 1999 Sports Illustrated: “Autographs" - I finally got around to putting this set together. Was this a really great idea or what?!! Simply Awesome!!

1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated: “Bert Jones” Autographs #13

3) 1998 Press Pass: “Autographs” - Press Pass really puts some nice Autographs sets together. To me, this is their best.

1998 Press Pass Autographs

1998 Press Pass: “Donovin Darius” Autograph RC #28

4) 1997 Upper Deck Legends: “Autographs” - Although I'm not a real big fan or sets that strictly include retired players. This set is truly different. Not only that, but it’s one of the most significant sets to be released in the last 25 years.

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “Wes Chandler” Autograph #AL87

5) 2001 Fleer Focus: "Certified Cuts” - How could you not like this set? A card/check signed by some of the 2001 class crop of rookies. And you have unlisted cards and auto-redemptions in this 20-card set, as well. Gotta love it!! 

2001 Fleer Focus: “Drew Brees” Certified Cuts #CCDB

2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads Dan Conner Signature.jpg

6) 2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads: "Signature Draft Choice” - I thought this set was one of the best I'd seen in years. The card front layout was phenomenal. The best from the class of 2008 had a classic. And here is the best part, they were still pretty cheap to obtain years later. 

2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads: “Dan Conner” Signature Draft Choice #SDC-DC

2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads Jake Long Signing Day.jpg

7) 2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads: "Signing Day” - When I said that I loved this set, I wasn't lying. This was the 2nd autograph set from this 2008 release to make the "Top 10". You could actually flip-flop #6 and #7. It doesn't make a difference.

2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads: “Jake Long” Signing Day #SD-JL

8) 1999 Upper Deck SP: “Player’s Ink” - The nice set that they released in 1998, they improved on in 1999.

1999 Upper Deck SP: “Tim Couch” Players Ink #TC

9) 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: "UD Authentics" - These autograph cards are difficult to find and this card, in particular, wasn't even listed in the latest Beckett. These cards have a really nice design. They also have a parallel set #'d to 25 that includes new pictures too. A pure collectible.

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: “Brad Johnson” UD Authentics #BJ (Unlisted)

2000 Bowman Courtney Brown Autograph.jpg

10) 2000 Bowman: “Autographs” - When the card front gives the player ample space to sign, I always feel as if the cards look better. The 2000 Bowman release, did just that.

2000 Bowman: “Courtney Brown” Autograph #CB

I like to hold a couple spots for sets that recently fell off the "Top 10" list or sets that just couldn't crack the "Top 10", but should still have a word said about them. So without wasting any more time here are two "Honorable Mentions".

1997 Press Pass Autograp

11) 1997 Press Pass: “Autographs” - The 1997 set was tough to put together and finding singles was difficult.  It shows how sought-after the Press Pass brand really was.

1997 Press Pass: “Reinard Wilson” Autograph RC #30

12) 1998 Skybox Premium: “Autographics” - A very nice large set, (68 cards), an assortment of players, and very nice card stock.

1998 Skybox Premium: “Sean Dawkins” Autographics #18

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