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My Favorite Player Names

My Top 10 List (Updated April 15th, 2021)

My Favorite Player Names’ list is below.  I just wanted to have a little fun with this one.  All thru the years players come and go, and some of them are little more than a blip on the radar.  Most of the time, I’ll remember a player just because of his name. So this list is just my Top 10 players of all time whose names I’ll never forget.

The cards listed below are my favorite player Names.

1) Toi Cook, CB, New Orleans Saints - I always liked Toi.  He may have been an average Cornerback, his name, however was anything but average.

1991 Topps: “Toi Cook” #317 RC

2) Takeo Spikes, MLB, Cincinnati Bengals - I tried to name my 2nd born after Takeo, but my wife vetoed it.  My son would’ve been proud.

1998 Upper Deck Encore: “Takeo Spikes” RC #9

3) Renaldo Nehemiah, WR, San Francisco 49ers - The greatest WR in 49er history....... in name only.

1983 Topps: “Renaldo Nehemiah” RC#171

4) Fair Hooker, WR, Cleveland Browns - It’s beats the name “Bad Hooker”.

1974 Topps: “Fair Hooker” #185

5) Vagas Ferguson, RB, New England Patriots - His name just had a great ring to it. And it brings back memories of watching football as a kid.

1982 Topps: “Vagas Ferguson” #147

6) Coy Bacon, DE, Washington Redskins - This guy could be the face of Shoney’s new breakfast slogan. 

1981 Topps: “Coy Bacon” #124

7) Boobie Clark, RB, Cincinnati Bengals - Hey, it’s not that bad. I can think of names that could be a lot worse.

1978 Topps: “Boobie Clark” #156

8) Buster Rhymes, KR/PR, Minnesota Vikings - Now this guy wouldn't need to come up with a name for an Hip-Hop band, he is one. But I think he really made the list because he shares my birthday.

1986 Topps: “Buster Rhymes” #296

9) Scott Studwell, MLB, Minnesota Vikings - I just couldn’t complete this list without a reference to a “Stud” Linebacker.

1988 Topps: “Scott Studwell” #158

10) Mike Stonebreaker, LB, Chicago Bears - Chicago has always had really great linebackers and really good named linebackers too. Dick Butkus would normally be on everybody's list, but here is the best named little-known Chicago linebacker, in my opinion.

1991 Pinnacle: “Mike Stonebreaker” RC #16

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