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My Favorite Singles

My Top 10 List + 2 (Updated April 15th, 2021)

The following page is dedicated to my favorite card singles.  The cards listed below aren't necessarily in one of the best Base Sets or Best Insert Sets, but by themselves they were very memorable to me.  Some of the cards below have just awesome photography , (See the 1991 Pro-Set "Gary Reasons" #791 below), or just great card design ideas by the card manufacturers, (See the 1997 Upper Deck "Bryant Westbrook" #4 below).  Either case they left a lasting impression on me and remain some of my favorites. 

The sets listed below are my favorite Singles; (Excluding Memorabilia and Autograph cards).

1) 1990 Pro-Set: "Gary Reasons" #791 - "The Hit"!! Great shot!! Great Hit!!

1990 Pro Set: “Gary Reasons” #791

2) 1989 Pro-Set: "Joey Browner" #227 - Just my favorite player in a great action shot.

1989 Pro Set: “Joey Browner” #227

3) 1997 Upper Deck: "Dwayne Rudd" #18 - From the minds of Upper Deck.

1997 Upper Deck: “Dwayne Rudd” #18 RC

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4) 1995 Pinnacle: "Hardy Nickerson" #118 - El Dragon in action.

1995 Pinnacle: “Hardy Nickerson” #118

5) 1991 Pro-Line Portraits: "Michael Cofer" #284 - Great Pose & Great write up on back. A Classic.

1991 Proline: “Michael Cofer” #284

6) 1997 Upper Deck: "Bryant Westbrook" #4 - Way too much fun. The only set with 2 singles in the Top 10 list.

1997 Upper Deck : “Bryant Westbrook” RC #4

7) 1996 Leaf: "Simeon Rice" #175 - A Lean, Mean, Quarter-Back Terrorizing Machine.

1996 Leaf: “Simeon Rice” RC #175

8) 1992 Pro Set Power: "Emtman / Coryott" Combos #1 - Its not too often that an NFL team gets the first and second pick in the draft.  Even rarer when a trading card captures that accomplishment.  Good Job Pro Set.

1992 Pro Set Power: “Steve Emtman / Quentin Coryott” Combos RC #1

9) 1977 Topps: "Neil Clabo" #477 - My favorite card as a kid, (A punter, no less). And it still owns a spot in the Top 10 list.

1977 Topps: “Neil Clabo” #477

10) 1991 Pro Set Platinum: "Cris Carter" #224 - The shot on the back is pure Cris Carter.

1991 Pro Set Platinum: “Cris Carter” (Back) #224

I like to hold a couple spots for sets that recently fell off the "Top 10" list or sets that just couldn't crack the "Top 10", but should still have a word said about them. So without wasting any more time here are my 2 "Honorable Mentions".

11) Honorable Mention 1991 Upper Deck: "Leonard Marshall" #441 - This was the play that ended the 49'ers bid for a 3-peat.

1991 Upper Deck: “Leonard Marshall” (Back) #441

12) 1991 Pacific: "John Rade" #5 - The ultimate card in teaching how to pile on.

1991 Pacific: “John Rade” #5

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