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Pacific: Omega

My Pacific: Omega Collection (Updated December 23rd, 2021)

Along with the "Pacific: Aurora" release in 1998, Pacific also introduced the "Pacific: Omega" title. When I first saw this set, I actually didn't think it was a Pacific set, (See the 1998 Pacific Omega: "Jamal Anderson #9 left). Now that is a pretty cool-looking card, in my opinion. The '98 Omega set was a 250-card release with 5 insert sets. I thought the insert sets were cool enough even without a memorabilia or autograph set included. The Rising Stars insert set was cool even though for some reason Pacific thought Randy Moss wasn't one of the 30 young "Rising Stars", (See the 1998 Pacific Omega: “Curtis Enis” Rising Stars #4 below right).  But Pacific thought Curtis was, he and his 456 career yards rushing. 

1998 Pacific Omega: “Jamal Anderson” #9

1998 Pacific Omega: “Ryan Leaf / Peyton Manning” Face to Face #1

1999 Pacific Omega: “Akili Smith” EO Portraits #3

Another insert set Pacific included in its '98 release was the "Face-to-Face" insert set, (See the 1998 Pacific Omega: "Ryan Leaf / Peyton Manning" Face-to-Face #1 left). Hard to believe that we actually debated over which of those guys should've been taken #1 overall back in '98. What's even harder is finding anyone who would say they voted for Leaf.  Debate aside, it's cards like this that bring us back to those times and allow us to reminisce about the days of old.  

In '99, the "Pacific: Omega" title stayed the course; a 250-card set plus 5 insert sets made up its '989 release. And following its initial '98 release, the '99 release was very similar. As a matter of fact, of all the card sets I've collected, no other title had as many "landscape" orientation cards as the "Omega" title did, (See the 1999 Pacific Omegas: "Hugh Douglas" #178 right).


One of the coolest insert sets in the release was the "EO Portraits" set. Back around the 

turn of the century, card manufacturers got into "Laser Cutting", (Topps really went full-bore into this technology), the "EO Portraits" set was Pacific's "Laser Cutting" set, (See the 1999 Pacific Omega: "Akili Smith" EO Portraits #3. left). I myself thought this set was superb. The Lack of NCAA licensing aside, the laser-etched portrait of Akili is damn good.  Impressive technology led to an impressive card.

The final insert set of the "99 release that I'll discuss here is the "Draft Class" set. As I stated above, I just love going back to old sets and reminiscing about the players and cards of yesteryear. The '99 "Draft Class" set allows me to do that, (See the 1999 Pacific Omega: "Brett 

1998 Pacific Omega: “Curtis Enis” Rising Stars #4

1999 Pacific Omega: “Hugh Douglas” #178

1999 Pacific Omega: “Brett Favre / Herman Moore” Draft Class #5

 Favre / Herman Moore" Draft Class #5 right). And if you'll notice, another card in "landscape" orientation. I don't know if this was on purpose, but a lot of their sets were in that orientation, more than most.

2000 Pacific Omega: “Peter Warrick” 4th and Goal #31

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot from the 2000 release, but what I do know is that Pacific kept the same # of cards stalled at 250, but added a few more insert sets to the release, including Omega's first autograph set and game jersey set. The popular "EO Portraits" insert set returned for its 3rd straight year, making it a mainstay among the Pacific sets. My favorite of the newest insert set in the 2000 release was the "4th and Goal" insert set, (See the 2000 Pacific Omega: “Peter Warrick" 4th and Goal #31 right). When I first saw the 4th and Goal cards, I thought they looked a lot like the 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars base set. Nice-looking cards, regardless.

In closing, the "Pacific: Omega" title left a positive impression on me whereas all the other Pacific titles did not. I enjoyed the layout and design of both the '98 set and the '99 set. And although most of the insert sets were a tad dull, the EO Portraits set, especially the '99 set, was a stunner.  I wonder why Pacific didn't carry this title out a little farther.  For whatever reason, the 2000 release was its last.

I have complete sets:

Pacific Omega Series:

1) 1998 Omega Set

    A) Online Insert

    B) Prisms Insert

    C) EO Portraits Insert

    D) Rising Stars Insert

    E) Face To Face Insert

2) 1999 Omega Set

    A) TD 99 Insert

    B) Draft Class Insert

    C) EO Portraits Insert

    D) 5-Star Attack Insert

    E) Gridiron Masters Insert

3) 2000 Omega Set - Do Not Have

    A) Fourth And Goal Insert

    B) Stellar Performers Insert

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