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Pacific: Other Titles

My Pacific: Other Titles Collection (Updated December 23rd, 2021)

If I could call any part of my collection chaos, it would have to be the other titles from Pacific. Forever known as the "Chaos Collection", the titles on this page just didn't entice me to go after them. If I found them for cheap, I'd buy them, otherwise, they really went incomplete, ignored, and basically forgotten about. Now that doesn't mean I hated them, but just indifferent.

I'll start this off with Pacific's 2002 release called "Pacific: Adrenaline", (See the 2002 Pacific Adrenaline: "Lito Shepard" RC #213 left). The hobby is littered with these so-called one-hit wonders. And the "Adrenaline" release was just that, nothing set itself apart from all the others. It was a solid 288-card release with 6 insert sets, one of those being a memorabilia set. However, by 2002, everybody had one of those, if you didn't you weren't in business very long. And unfortunately for Pacific, they weren't going to be in business too much longer.

2002 Pacific Adrenaline: “Lito Shepard” RC #213

1995 Pacific Crown Royale: “Willie McGinest” #113

1997 Pacific Crown Royale: “Jim Everett” #114

1996 Pacific Dynagon: “Marcus Allen” #68*

*Note: This is another card I do not own myself.

In 1995, Pacific released what would be their biggest and most-popular set; the "Pacific: Crown Royale". I didn't care for it at all and as you can tell from my list below, I haven't spent a lot of time putting these sets together. I will say, however, that the "Crown Royale" title had a very steady following, (See the 19995 Pacific Crown Royale: "Willie McGinest" #113 above right and the 1997 Pacific Crown Royale: "Jim Everett" #114 right). Maybe it was the Die-Cut that I didn't like or maybe it was the name. Whatever, the reason, I just didn't care for it. But the hobby did, and it lasted up until 2002 when Pacific ceased operations. It did make a comeback in 2010, however, when Panini brought it back for a few years.  


In 1996, Pacific released another short-lived title.  This one was called "Pacific: Dynagon" and I have no idea what the heck that means. Dynagon has zero meaning. It's a made-up word. Seriously. 

1997 Pacific Dynagon: “Richard Dent” Best Kept Secrets #42

2001 Pacific Impressions: “Anthony / Green / Johnson” Triple Threads #35

Pacific could have called it "ckbnck hsdaf" and that would have made just as much sense. Name aside, the 1996 "Pacific: Dynagon" set wasn't bad, I don't own it, but it's a nice initial release by Pacific, (See the 1996 Pacific Dynagon: "Marcus Allen" #68 above left). I do own one of the Dynagon insert sets though, "Best Kept Secrets". I really do like the player selections from these sets, (Pacific released a "Best Kept Secrets" 

insert set in both '96 and '97.), and with 100+ card sets, I guess there were many secrets in the NFL back in those days, (See the 1997 Pacific Dynagon: "Richard Dent" Best Kept Secrets #42 left).

In 2001, Pacific really started getting into the "Game-Worn Jersey" craze. Finally. Although it might have been too late, they did bring one nice memorabilia set into the hobby. That one being the 2001 "Pacific: Impressions" Triple Threads release, (See the 2001 Pacific Impressions: "Reidel Anthony / Jacquez Green / Keyshawn Johnson" Triple Threads #36 above right). By this time several manufacturers had not only memorabilia sets but sets with multiple patches from multiple players. The 2001 Triple Threads set was Pacific's entry into the competition.  

2001 Pacific Titanium: “Maurice Smith / Reggie Kelly ” Double-Sided Jerseys #44

Another new entry in 2001 for Pacific was the "Pacific: Titanium" release. The 288-card initial release by Pacific wasn't anything special to me and I didn't particularly care for the jersey set either, (See the 2001 Pacific Titanium: “Reggie Kelly / Maurice Smith" Double-Sided Jerseys #44 right).  Pacific would also release a semi-parallel Titanium set called "Pacific: Titanium Post Season" in 2001. Both titles would return in 2002 for their final season, which turned out to be Pacific's final season.

In closing, all these titles just blended in with the hobby landscape. To me, nothing on this page really stood out. Looking back, I just wish Pacific would have really stayed with 2-3 titles, spent more time with those titles, and gave the hobby some really serious releases instead of trying to keep up with Upper Deck, Fleer, and Topps' 10-12 titles each. By this time the hobby was awash with several titles that weren't worth the time or the money.  And in my opinion, this was Pacific's problem, I just felt as if they spread themselves too thin trying to keep up and in the end, it cost them everything.

I have complete sets:

Pacific Adrenaline Series:

1) 2002 Pacific Adrenaline Set

    A) Driven Insert

    B) Playmakers Insert

    C) Power Surge Insert

    D) Rookie Report Insert

    E) Adrenaline Rush Insert


Pacific Crown Royale Series:

1) 1995 Crown Royale Set

    A) Cramer's Choice Jumbos Insert

    B) Pride of the NFL Insert

    C) Pro Bowl Die Cuts Insert

2) 1996 Crown Royale Set

3) 1997 Crown Royale Set

    A) Cramer's Choice Jumbos Insert

    B) Chalk Talk Insert - Incomplete ( 1 / 20 )

4) 1998 Crown Royale Set - Do Not Have

    A) Master Performers Insert

    B) Pillars of the Game Insert

    C) Pivotal Players Insert

    D) Rookie Paydirt Insert

5) 1999 Crown Royale Set

    A) Cramer's Choice Jumbos Insert

    B) Card Supials Insert

    C) Franchise Glory Insert

    D) Rookie Gold Insert

    E) Test of Time Insert

6) 2000 Crown Royale Set - Do Not Have

    A) Card Supials Insert

    B) Fifth Anniversary Jumbos Insert

    C) In Your Face Insert

    D) Productions Insert

7) 2001 Crown Royale Set - Do Not Have

    A) Cramer's Choice Jumbos Footballs Insert

    B) Cramer's Choice Jumbo Jerseys Insert - Incomplete (1 / 10 )

    C) Now Playing Insert

8) 2002 Crown Royale  Set

    A) Triple Thread Jerseys Insert



Pacific Dynagon Series:

1) 1996 Dynagon Set - Do Not Have

2) 1997 Dynagon Set

    A) Careers Insert

    B) Tandems Insert

    C) Best Kept Secrets Insert


Pacific Impressions Series:

1) 2001 Impressions Set - Do Not Have

    A) Classic Images Insert

    B) Triple Threads Insert


Pacific Prisms Series:

1) 1993 Prisms Set - Do Not Have

2) 1994 Prisms Set - Do Not Have

    A) Team Helmets Insert - Incomplete (1 / 30)

3) 1995 Prisms Set - Do Not Have

4) 1996 Prisms Set - Does Not Exist

5) 1997 Prisms Set - Does Not Exist

6) 1998 Prisms Set - Does Not Exist

7) 1999 Prisms Set - Do Not Have

8) 2000 Prisms Set - Does Not Exist

9) 2001 Prisms Atomic Set - Do Not Have

    A) Jerseys Insert - Incomplete ( 4 / 100 )

    B) Jersey Patches Insert - Incomplete ( 36 / 136 )

    C) Rookie Reaction Insert

    D) Stratosphere Insert

    E) Strategic Arms Insert


Pacific Private Stock Series:

1) 2000 Private Stock Set - Do Not Have

    A) Artist’s Canvas Insert

    B) PS2000 Action Insert

    C) Extreme Action Insert

    D) Reserve Insert 

2) 2001 Private Stock Set - Do Not Have

    A) Game Worn Gear Insert - Incomplete ( 6 / 150 )

    B) Game Worn Gear Patches Insert - Incomplete ( 2 / 139 )

    C) Moments in Time Insert

3) 2002 Private Stock Set - Incomplete ( 100 / 150 )

    A) Class Act Insert

    B) Banner Year Insert

    C) Divisional Realignment Insert

    D) Game Worn Jerseys - Incomplete ( 3 / 125 )


Pacific Titanium Series:

1a) 2001 Titanium Set (Hobby) - Do Not Have

1b) 2001 Titanium Set (Retail)

    A) Titanium Team Insert

    B) Monday Knights Insert

    C) Double-Sided Jerseys Insert - Incomplete ( 120 / 125 )

2) 2001 Titanium Post Season Set - Do Not Have

    A) Post Season Jersey Insert - Incomplete ( 59 / 100 )

    B) Post Season Jersey Patches Insert - Incomplete ( 5 / 100 )

3a) 2002 Titanium Set (Hobby) - Incomplete ( 75 / 175 )

3b) 2002 Titanium Set (Retail)


Pacific Vanguard Series:

1) 2000 Pacific Vanguard Set - Do Not Have

    A) High Voltage Insert

    B) Game Worn Jerseys Insert

2) 2001 Pacific Vanguard Set - Do Not Have


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