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Playoff: Honors

My Playoff: Honors Collection (Updated December 26th, 2022)

In 2001, the hobby got its first look at Playoff's latest endeavor "Playoff: Honors"; the newest release from the Playoff corporation. It was a mega memorabilia set, to say the least. Although the base set had 235 cards, (actually 232 cards since 209, 211 and 221 didn't make the set), what really brought this set to life were the large, exuberant amount of memorabilia sets. There were fourteen memorabilia sets that contained autographs,  player worn memorabilia, or both. Talk about a treasure trove!! This set included multiple options to get as much rookie memorabilia as any collector could possibly want, (See the 2001 Playoff Honors: "Justin Smith / Gerard Warren" #RQ-8 below right). 

And one more thing about the 232-card base set was that the 232 cards were a combination of veterans, (See the 2001 Playoff Honors: "Jevon Kearse" #24 left), rookies and rookie memorabilia cards, as well. A well-rounded set built for all types of collectors.

2001 Playoff Honors: “Jevon Kearse” #24

2001 Playoff Honors: “Tuiasosopo / Palmer / Smith / Warren” Jersey/ Ball Quads #RQ-8

2002 Playoff Honors: “Michael Lewis" RC #185

2001 Playoff Honors: “Jake Plummer" Game Day Jerseys Autograph #GD-37

The initial release of the "Playoff: Honors" set also brought to life some of my favorite memorabilia sets. The Game Day Jerseys set was a very cool memorabilia set with an awesome design and Playoff included an autograph version as well, (See the 2001 Playoff Honors: "Jake Plummer" #GD-37 below left). The auto version, a 15-card set of a select number of players chosen from the original 50, did not disappoint.

2001 Playoff Honors: “Randy Moss" Game Day Souvenirs #GD-35

Playoff did not stop there. As nice as the Game Day Jersey Auto set was, Playoff upped the ante once more when it added the Game Day Souvenirs set; a parallel set to the original that was #'d to 25, (See the 2001 Playoff Honors: "Randy Moss" Game Day Souvenirs #GD-35 below left). I mean, this set just kept going and going and...getting better all along the way.

2002 Playoff Honors: “David Carr / Jabar Gaffney” Rookie Tandems #RT-1

The 2001 "Playoff: Honors" insert sets did not stop there. After all the Rookie Memorabilia sets and the Game Day Jersey sets came a really cool Souvenir memorabilia set, (See the 2001 Playoff Honors: "Roger Staubach" Souvenirs #PB-7 below left). This set was almost a Pro Bowl Souvenirs set, but the last two cards in the set are actually from Super Bowls; SB-9 a Jersey from Drew Bledsoe and SB-10 a pylon from the game on a Jamal Lewis card.

2001 Playoff Honors: “Roger Staubach"  Souvenirs #PB-7

The 2002 "Playoff: Honors" picked up right where the 2001 set left off; a 232-card base set with 11 insert sets. And 10 of the 11 insert sets were autograph, memorabilia, or both. After 2001, the 2002 release provided another solid haul for any collector putting this baby together. The rookie cards from the base set are solid, (See the 2002 Playoff Honors: "Michael Lewis" RC #185 above right). But again, the real treasures were the insert sets.

The 2002 "Playoff: Honors" insert sets did not disappoint either. I've only gotten into a few of the 11 insert sets, so I've got my 


2002 Playoff Honors: “Terrell Davis” Alma Mater Materials #AM-6

 work cut out for me, but they pick up right where the 2001 insert sets left off, (See the 2002 Playoff Honors: "David Carr / Jabar Gaffney" Rookie Tandems #RT-1 right). This insert set was another solid rookie memorabilia set that should satisfy any fan who desires rookie cards of all the top draft picks. Another one of the top insert sets is the 2nd installment of the "Alma Mater Materials" series. The 2002 version was just as appealing as the 2001 insert set, (See the 2002 Playoff Honors: "Terrell Davis" Alma Mater Materials #AM-6 left).

In closing, the "Playoff: Honors" brand was just a solid title. I've only gotten into the 2001 and 2002 sets so I've got a long way to go, but this title was a solid brand for any collector. The "Playoff: Honors" title provided a plethora of rookie cards, rookie memorabilia sets, and other memorabilia sets both with and without autographs. I mean, this title just keeps coming at you with more and more solid sets packed with amazing cards in each year's release. This title is as solid as you can get and I would highly recommend it to any fan just now beginning his or her football card collection.

I have complete sets:

Playoff Honors Series:

1) 2001 Playoff Honors Set - Incomplete ( 229 / 232 )

    A) Alma Maters Materials Insert

    B) Game Day Jerseys Insert

    C) Rookie Tandem Balls Insert

    D) Rookie Tandem Jerseys Insert

    E) Rookie Quad Balls Insert

    F) Rookie Quad Jerseys Insert

    G) Rookie Tandem Jersey & Balls Insert

    H) Rookie Quad Jerseys & Balls Insert - Incomplete ( 7 / 8 )

     I) Souvenirs Insert

    J) Game Day Jerseys Autos Insert - Incomplete ( 9 / 15 )

    K) Game Day Jersey Souvenirs Insert - Incomplete ( 31 / 50 )

2) 2002 Playoff Honors Set 

    A) Rookie Tandems / Quads Insert

    B) Alma Mater Materials Insert - Incomplete ( 11 / 15 )

    C) Award-Winning Materials Insert - Incomplete ( 8 / 12 )

    D) Game Day Souvenirs Insert 

3) 2003 Playoff Honors Set - Incomplete ( 130 / 230 )

    A) Class Reunion Tandems Insert - Incomplete ( 12 / 30 )

    B) Jersey Tandems Insert

    C) Football Tandems Insert - Incomplete ( 9 / 15 )

    D) Jersey / Football Tandems Insert - Incomplete ( 10 / 15 ) 



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