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Pro-Line: Other Titles

My Pro-Line: Other Titles Collection (Updated December 25th, 2021)

In 1996, Pro-Line broke from the "Portraits", "Profiles" and "Live" titles and introduced the first of several new titles to help bring collectors in to what the Pro-Line brass thought was a dying brand. So in 1996 Pro-Line introduced the first of many new titles. This one was called, "Pro-Line: Intense". The first "Pro-Line intense" title was a very simple 100-card set, (See the 1996 Pro-Line Intense: "Neil O'Donnell" #72 left). And although the release had 5 insert sets that accompanied it, 4 of the 5 of those were "phone card" sets. I'm not sure what the interest was in those phone cards, but several card companies had them in 1996; Pro-Line and Press Pass, to name two.

Although the "Pro-Line Intense" title didn't win over the hobby, Pro-Line had more tricks up their sleeve. In 1996, Pro-Line also released the "Pro-Line  Memorabilia" title. This release was another flimsy 100-card set, but this one, unlike it's "Intense" brother, had one thing that it didn't; A "Rookie Autograph" set, (See the 1996 Pro-Line Memorabilia: "Tim Biakabutuka / Eddie George" Rookie Autograph #2 right). The dual rookie autographs was 

1996 Pro-Line Intense: “Neil O'Donnell” #72

1996 Pro-Line Memorabilia: “Tim Biakabutuka / Eddie George” Rookie Autograph #2

1997 Pro-Line Gems: “Seth Joyner” #24

1997 Pro-Line Memorabilia: “Byron Hanspard” Rookie Autograph #13

The '96 trifecta was concluded by the "Pro-Line: DC3" release. Which, I always thought, the title meant a "3-tiered Die Cut" set. I don't know if I'm right, but it always sounded good. Pro-Line took a page out of Pinnacle's "Book of releasing a plethora of Sets" by releasing their 3rd '96 100-card set.  What's funny is, as I write this, all 3 sets have a book value that is no more than $25.00. If you look at what foot print these sets left on the hobby, these 3 sets left very little. I would say that "Pro-Line: DC3" set was the nicest of the three, (See the 1996 Pro-Line DC3: "Pepper Johnson" #37 left).  The design had a slight Die-Cut along the top edge which set it apart design-wise from the other two. This release also had 2 insert sets, which to this day, aren't easy to find.

1996 Pro-Line DC3: “Pepper Johnson” #37

In 1997, the "Pro-Line: Memorabilia" brand picked up right where the previous set left off. In 1996, Pro-Line had a 16-card "Rookie Autograph" set. In 1997, the "Pro Line Memorabilia" upped the ante to a 26-card set. I won't tell you what Pro-Line did to the 1997 Base set, but I will say that I wasn't

In '97, gone by wayside was the "Intense" title and in its place came the "Pro-Line: Gems".  Although a much better design than it's predecessor, it was still only 100-cards. I have no idea what Pro Line was trying to accomplish with these pitiful releases, (See the 1997 Pro Line Gems: "Seth Joyner" #24 above). The release

1997 Pro-Line DC3: “Michael McCrary” #33*

*Note: I do not own this set. Thanks to Burbanksportscards for the scan.

 something that had never been done before in a "Certified Autograph". By my analysis, this card right here was the first. In 1992, Pro-Line had the "Widell" brothers, Doug and Dave Widell, sign a card, but they weren't rookies.

too happy about it. However, the Rookie Autograph set provided all the fireworks,(See the 1997 Pro-Line Memorabilia: "Byron Hanspard" Rookie Autograph #13 right). Although the Beckett annual has this set listed as a 26-card set, there are 8-cards in this set that I've never seen; Micheal Booker, Rae Carruth, Warrick Dunn, James Farrior, Ike Hilliard, Darrell Russell, Matt Russell and Sedrick Shaw. I did finally pick up the Trevor Pryce auto after seeing that card only twice in the span of 8 years. So I'm holding out hope on the others.

was accompanied by two insert sets that, although are easy to find, have kept a pretty good book value through the years. What's sad is, I actually liked this set, but it would only survive one year before Pro Line would pull the plug on it as well.

The Pro-Line Memorabilia title wasn't the only title from Pro-Line to survive it's first year, the "Pro-Line: DC3" would also come back for a 2nd tour of duty. Although not as nice as the previous release, the 1997 DC3 set was pretty cool, I just have yet to add it to my collection; it's pretty tough to find as a complete set, (See the 1997 Pro-Line DC3: "Michael McCrary" #33 above right). The '97 release was accompanied by four insert sets, one of which was a 6-card autograph set. 

In closing, the "Pro-Line" titles covered on this page just aren't worth the hassle unless you're a mega collector, such as myself. I just can't recommend them to anyone unless you're really into grabbing everything. There just isn't much here to offer. Pro-Line didn't do the hobby any favors releasing the stuff on this page. Yes, there are some nice cards here, ( the 1996 Pro-Line DC3 and the 1997 Pro Line Gems), to name a couple, but they were too far and too few between.

I have complete sets:

Pro-Line DC3 Series:

1) 1996 Pro-Line DC3 Set

    A) All-Pros Insert

2) 1997 Pro-Line DC3 Set - Do Not Have

    A) All-Pros Insert

    B) Autographs Insert

    C) Road to the Super Bowl Insert

3) 1998 Pro-Line DC3 Set - Do Not Have

    A) Clear Cuts Insert

    B) Choice Cuts Insert

    C) Team Totals Insert

    D) X-Tra Effort Insert



Pro-Line Memorabilia Series:

1) 1996 Pro-Line Memorabilia Set

    A) Producers Insert

    B) Stretch Drive Insert

    C) Rookie Autographs Insert

2A) 1997 Pro-Line Memorabilia Set

2B) 1997 Pro-Line Memorabilia Signature Series Parallel Set

    A) Veteran Autographs Insert 

    A) Rookie Autographs Insert - Incomplete ( 17 / 26 )



Other Pro-Line Series:

1) 1996 Pro-Line Intense Set

    A) Determined Insert

    B) $3 Phone Cards Insert

    C) $5 Phone Cards Insert

    D) $10 Phone Cards Insert

    E) $25 Phone Cards Insert

2) 1997 Pro-Line Gems Set

    A) Gems of the NFL Insert

    B) Through the Years Insert

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