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Score: Summit

My Score: Summit Collection (Updated December 26th, 2021)

1995 Score Summit: “Desmond Howard” #46

1996 Score Summit: “Marvin Harrison”  Rookie #174

1996 Score Summit: “Curtis Martin” Turf Team #3

In 1995, Score added another title to its arsenal when the hobby world was introduced to the "Score: Summit" brand. Back in 1995, the hobby world hadn't yet been oversaturated with jersey and autograph cards. The Summit title did it the old-fashioned way, with insert sets. I thought the '95 Summit set had a really good layout, (See the 1995 Score: Summit "Desmond Howard" #46 left), but the set size was a little small for my liking, (only a 200-card set). However, the real gem here was the insert sets.

The 1995 release brought 3 insert sets with it; "Rookie Summit", "Team Summit" and "Backfield Stars".  The "Backfield Stars" being my favorite of the 3. The "Backfield Stars" was a simple 20-card insert set, (See the 1995 Score Summit: "Garrison Hearst" #7 right). Again, Summit didn't use a ton of pizzazz to bring the hobby to its knees, they just used some catchy insert sets to get their fans to chase more boxes. 

The '96 release was much of the same. The base set was the same size, (200 cards), and the insert sets were another classic collection of catchy cards, (say that 5 times fast). The rookie cards, which back in that day only consisted of about 20 cards, were also very nice, (See the 1996 Score Summit "Marvin Harrison" RC #174 left). Yeah, the border was a bit big, but it was in the shape of an NFL shield, which I kinda liked. 

The '96 insert sets for Summit were the best group of insert sets that did not contain an autograph or a piece of memorabilia. The first of those insert sets were called "Inspirations", (See the 1996 Score Summit "Alex Van Dyke" Inspirations #2 below right). I really liked the write-up on the back which the player, shown on the front, talked about which previous or existing NFL player-inspired them. The front card design looked really cool too. 


1995 Score Summit: “Garrison Hearst”  Backfield Stars #7

The 2nd of the '96 Summit insert sets were the "Turf Team" set. Like I've said many times before, I don't care for the player's image posted on a silly

1996 Score Summit: “Alex Van Dyke” Inspirations #2

background. However, this one just looked cool to me, (See the 1996 Scott Summit: "Curtis Martin" Turf Team #3 below left). I just loved this set. I thought the cards really looked cool and the selection of players couldn't have been better.


bunch, (See the 1996 Score Summit: "Lawrence Phillips" Hit the Hole #8 below right). This set was #'d to 1,000 and which some of these cards very difficult to find. As a matter of fact, Rashaan Salaam made my "The Tough Ones" list.


1996 Score Summit: “Lawrence Phillips” Hit The Hole #8

The 3rd of the 4 insert sets from the '96 Summit insert sets was the "Hit the Hole" set. This one was my favorite of the 


In closing, the "Score: Summit" title was just a classic short-lived brand. And only having a 2-year run, this title is easy to find at very reasonable prices. Also with the great insert sets included with these 2 releases makes this brand a must for mid-90s brands. I highly recommend it.

I have complete sets:

Score Summit:

1) 1995 Score Summit Set

    A) Backfield Stars Insert

    B) Rookie Summit Insert

    C) Team Summit Insert

2) 1996 Score Summit Set

    A) Hit the Hole Insert

    B) Inspirations Insert

    C) Third and Long Insert

    D) Turf Team Insert



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