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Skybox: Other Titles

My Skybox: Other Titles Collection (Updated December 26th, 2021)

1992 Skybox Primetime: “Burt Grossman” #44

If any manufacturer had really good one-hit wonders, it was Skybox. In 1992, the hobby got its first taste of "Skybox: Primetime", a very simple, yet complete stand-alone set that had everything, (See the 1992 Skybox Primetime: "Burt Grossman" #44 left). It was a 360-card initial release that in my opinion delivered. My only issue with this release, the pathetic 16-card insert set that mirrored the 16-cards included the base set. Pathetic. Straight outta the Collector's Edge handbook, it was. So confusing when card companies do that crap. 

In 1998, Skybox introduced the one-hit-wonder called "Skybox: Thunder", (See the 1998 Skybox Thunder: "Sam Shade" #35 right). I always thought the "Skybox: Thunder" release in '98 was a continuation of the '96 release of "Skybox: SkyMotion". Not that they looked the same, but some of the insert sets sounded the same; "Big Bang" was an insert in '96, and "Starburst" was an insert in '98. Regardless, the '98 release was a 250-card set with 4 insert sets. Some of which are still really hard to find. 

In 1999, Skybox released the "Skybox: Dominion" title. The "Skybox: Dominion" title is the only title on this page that is not a one-hit-wonder. The "Skybox: Dominion" title actually lasted 2 years and had one of the best memorabilia sets ever. 

1998 Skybox Thunder: “Sam Shade” #35

The "Hats Off" memorabilia insert set, which was in the '99 release, was one of the best memorabilia sets of all time, in my opinion, (See the 1999 Skybox Dominion: "Tim Couch" Hats Off #1 below right).  The layout, player selection, and design were all very well done and remain a classic, in my opinion. And let's not forget that each card is sequentially numbered.  Totally done right!!

1999 Skybox Dominion: “Leroy Hoard” #12

2000 Skybox Dominion: “Zach Thomas” #141

The "Skybox: Dominion" base set in '99 was a nice set that delivered on all points. Although I thought it looked like an early Playoff set, it still looked good, (See the 1999 Skybox Dominion: "Leroy Hoard" #12 left). The initial release was a 250-card set with 4 insert sets, (not including their parallels). This release was a simple release that just happened to include one of the best memorabilia sets ever!!


Another title that Skybox introduced in '99 was the "Skybox: Molten Metal" set. The Molten Metal set introduced metal cards to the hobby. This was done as an insert set back in '97 as Pinnacle released a set called "Metal Works", but this was Skybox's first, (See the 1999 Skybox Molten Metal: "Olandis Gary" RC #151 right), The '99 set was a 151-card set with 6 insert sets including parallel sets. The real winner of this group was an insert set called "Patchworks"

1999 Skybox Dominion: “Tim Couch” Hats Off #1

The Skybox: Dominion" set returned in 2000 with a 245-card set and 4 insert sets. That is pretty standard for the industry. The 2000 release wasn't flashy, (See the 2000 Skybox Dominion: "Zach Thomas" #141 left), and even the insert sets were a bit dull. Not one of the insert sets is worth more than $25 as of this writing. That is a sure sign that the hobby turned its head.


1999 Skybox Molten Metal: “Drew Bledsoe” Patchworks #1

This "Patchworks" set was absolutely amazing!! Yes, they were just jersey patches, but some of them were 

1999 Skybox Molten Metal: “Olandis Gary” RC #151

 incredible, (See the 1999 Skybox Molten Metal: "Drew Bledsoe" Patchworks #1 below left). The "Patchworks set is only a 19-card set, (I actually found 3 cards that weren't listed), so it's a very easy set to complete. If you can find the cards.

In closing, the "Skybox: Other Titles" listed on this page aren't bad. Some of these titles are very good. For some reason, most of these titles just never caught on, but that doesn't mean the sets weren't bad. Even Upper Deck has one-hit wonders, (1998 Upper Deck SPx Finite, anyone?). So I would recommend any set listed on this page. Some are better than others, but they won't cost an arm or a leg.

I have complete sets:

Skybox Other Titles:

1) 1992 Skybox Primetime Set

    A) Poster Cards - Incomplete ( 1 / 16 )

2) 1998 Skybox Thunder Set

    A) Boss Insert

    B) Number Crunchers Insert

    C) Starburst Insert

3) 1999 Skybox Dominion Set

    A) Atlantattitude Insert

    B) Gen Next Insert

    C) Gen Next Plus Insert

    D) Goal 2 Go Insert

    E) Goal 2 Go Plus Insert

    F) Hats Off Insert

4) 2000 Dominion Set

    A) Characteristics Insert

    B) Go-To Guys Insert

    C) Hard Corps Insert

    D) Turfs Up Insert

5) 1999 Skybox Molten Metal Set

    A) Patchworks - Incomplete ( 18 / 19 ) *

    B) Perfect Fit Insert


*Note: This set was listed as a 16-card set, However after I discovered the #2 Mark Brunell, #11 Curtis Martin, and #14 Johnny Morton unlisted cards, the set is now 19-cards.




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