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Topps: Chrome

My Topps: Chrome Collection (Updated December 28th, 2021)

1996 Topps Chrome: “Kevin Hardy” RC #152

1998 Topps Chrome: “Grant Wistrom” RC #73*

*Note: I do not own the card above. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to put this set together. 

1999 Topps Chrome: “Torry Holt” RC #149*

*Note: I do not own the card above. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to put this set together. 

In 1996 Topps joined the "Chrome" party with its "Topps: Chrome" title.  The introductory set was a measly 165-card set. Introductory sets can be small as companies try to see if the newest title generates any interest, but as the title moves from the first year to its 2nd and 3rd, they need to increase the size or get rid of it. Regardless of the size, the '96 "Topps: Chrome" set was cool, (See the 1996 Topps Chrome: "Kevin Hardy" RC #152 left). My first take on the "Topps: Chrome" set was that this is how it's supposed to be done. Although I thought that the Wild Card brand had the best "Chrome" look, Topps picked up right where Wild Card left off. The initial offering from Topps had only 2 insert sets with neither of those being an autograph or a memorabilia set. 

The '97 release of the "Topps Chrome" was better than the '96 release, in my opinion. The '97 set didn't have that silly diamond-hatch work on the card face, (See the 1997 Topps Chrome: "Peter Boulware" RC #157 right). This set was released during the "Action" shots decade so most, if not all, the pictures were action shots. The set size stayed stagnate at 165 cards, but the insert sets went from 2 to 4 in 1997.

The 1998 release of "Topps: Chrome" was my favorite. I liked the Rookie cards, I liked the In-Action shots from the veteran players, so why haven't I taken the time to put it together?, (See the 1998 Topps Chrome: "Grant Wistrom" RC #75 left). The photography was clean and sharp and as rookie cards were from the mid to late 90s they were fun. Topps was extremely consistent with this set, for the 3rd year the "Topps: Chrome" set had 165-cards. The insert sets dropped though from 4 to 2 sets in 1998.

I did like the "Hidden Gems" insert set. Any set that caters to the player that DOESN'T get all the headlines is a set that I always look back on years later and enjoy seeing. I already know whom Troy Aikman and Dan Marino played for, I don't need another card from either one of those guys, (See the 1998 Topps Chrome "Michael Sinclair" Hidden Gems #HG8 right). But a set called "Hidden Gems" about players who weren't drafted #1 or weren't drafted at all, now that is a cool set.


1997 Topps Chrome: “Peter Boulware” RC #157

1998 Topps Chrome: “Michael Sinclair” Hidden Gems #HG8

The '99 release was another solid release by Topps. Although, I didn't like the text down the sides, (too hard to read), (See the 1999 Topps Chrome "Torry Holt" RC #149 below left). I think I've lost this set about 3 times on eBay. It sells a lot higher than what you would think it would.  The '99 set was another 165-card set. Either creating these cards was expensive to make or the licensing was too expensive because Topps stayed right at 165-cards for 4 straight years.


In closing, the "Topps: Chrome" title just hasn't interested me enough to go after it with any real gusto. It definitely wasn't crap, but since I'm buying the main title already, I always felt that if I didn't get the Chrome set for real cheap, then I wasn't going to spend my money on the same set twice. 

I have complete sets:

Topps Chrome:

1) 1996 Topps Chrome Set

2) 1997 Topps Chrome Set

    A) Career Best Chrome Insert

    B) Season's Best Chrome Insert

    C) Underclassmen Chrome Insert

    D)  Draft Year Chrome Insert

3) 1998 Topps Chrome Set- Do Not Have

    A) Hidden Gems Chrome Insert

    B) Measure of Greatness Chrome Insert

    C) Season's Best Chrome Insert

4) 1999 Topps Chrome Set - Do Not Have

5) 2000 Topps Chrome Set - Do Not Have

6) 2001 Topps Chrome Set - Do Not Have

7) 2002 Topps Chrome Set - Do Not Have

    A) Pro Bowl Jerseys (Refractors) Insert

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