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Topps: Other Titles

My Topps: Other Titles Collection (Updated December 28th, 2021)

In 1983, an upstart professional football league started play and in 1984 Topps had cards to commerate that first season. The 1984 Topps USFL set is a landmark set with rookie cards of some of the games biggest stars. The '84 set had the likes of Steve Young, Herschel Walker and Reggie White to name a few, but its the rarity of the set that makes it so valuable, (See the 1984 Topps USFL: "Rick Neuheisel" #115 Left). Not every first set is worth it's weight, but the '84 USFL set still is to this day.

1997 Topps Stars Ken Harvey.jpg

In 1985, Topps backed up their '84 initial offering with another stunner. The '85 set was just awesome, (See the 1985 Topps USFL: "Wymon Henderson" #59 right). The '85 set was another 132-card set that didn't have the rookie cards that the '84 set had and it wasn't a first, but it still carried a lot of weight. Both of these USFL sets are hobby landmarks, as far as I'm concerned, and will always hold their place in the hobby.

1985 Topps USFL Wymon Henderson.jpg

1984 Topps USFL: "Rick Neuheisel #115

1985 Topps USFL: “Wymon Henderson” #59

1996 Topps Laser: “Rob Fredrickson” #114

1996 Topps Gilt Edge: “Terry McDaniel” #20

The '96 season brought a bunch of new titles from Topps. In addition to their flagship title, Topps released Chrome, Stadium Club and its Bowman title. In '96 Topps introduced the "Topps: Gilt Edge" a pathetic 90-card release that was exactly what the title said, "Gilt Edge". Each card had a golden color to its edges, (See the 1996 Topps Gilt Edge: "Terry McDaniel" #20 Left), This release also included a 15 card insert called "Definitive Edge". So this releae was a total of 105 cards in all. I wonder why Topps even bothered.

1996 Topps CyberCards: “Jerry Rice” #2*

In 1996 Topps just didn't introduce one one-and-done, they introduced two, the second being the, "Topps: Laser" title, (See the 1996 Topps Laser: 

1996 Topps Cybercard Jerry Rice.jpg

party was the 1996 Topps Cybercard set. Talk about "Topps: Laser" being revolutionary, the Cybercard set wasn't about cards at all, (See the 1996 Topps Cybercard: "Jerry Rice" #2 Left).  The Topps Cybercard set was a dual release, (a series I and series II ), set. The first release was 28 cards, the 2nd release was 12 cards.  These cards were CD-ROMs that contained pictures, stats, and player highlights. Extremely cutting edge for a card companing. Upper Deck wouldn't have one until '99, although to Upper Deck's credit their CD-ROM set was the size of a trading card.

1996 Topps Laser Rob Fredrickson.jpg

1997 Topps Stars: “Ken Harvey” #87

1984 Topps USFL Rick Neuheisel.jpg
1999 Topps Gold Label Keenan McCardell.j

1999 Topps Gold Label: “Keenan McCardell” Class 1 #48

The '98 "Topps: Gold Label" release was a pure instant hobby response to what Fleer released in '97.  The "Fleer: Flair" title was a very cool release and obviously had a major impact on the hobby. So much so that it got Topps to respond and release its own set to match it, (See the 1999 Topps Gold Label: "Keenan McCardell" Class I #48 Shown Left). The '98 release of the "Topps: Gold Label" title was very cool and it matched everything that the "Fleer: Flair Showcase" did. It had a player in-action shot on top of a player closeup and it had 3-tiers of cards too. I mean, seriously Topps? You didn't get to where you are today by following others. With that being said, I thought the "Gold Label" set was slightly better.

1996 Topps Gilt Edge Terry McDaniel.jpg

The 1996 campaign wasn't over for Topps. They still had titles to uncover. Topps last guest to the

With a few of the '96 releases going by the wayside, (Gilt Edge, Laser and the Cybercards), Topps needed new blood. It got it in the form of "Topps: Stars". Topps did a much better job with the "Stars" set. (Note: I should've put the "Topps: Stars" title on their own page. I just might in the future). Topps made up for their short-coming in '96 by releasing a star, (pun intended), in '97. "Topps: Stars" had a

125-card initial release. Not very impressive, but the cards looked cool, (See the 1997 Topps Stars: "Ken Harvey" #87) and the 5 insert sets were also a plus. 

1999 Topps Gold Label Tee Martin.jpg

2000 Topps Gold Label: “Tee Martin” Rookie Autographs #TM*

*Note: This is another card I do not own myself.

"Rob Fredrickson" #114 right). Topps wanted to show the hobby that it was using Lasers to create die-cut cards and created a card set to promote their new technology. The 1996 Topps Laser set was a 128-card set, (much better than its Topps Gilt Edge counterpart), that had 3 very elusive insert sets, all of which, were 16-card sets.

2001 Topps Debut Brian Urlacher.jpg

2001 Topps Debut: "Brian Urlacher" #60

In 2000, Topps once again came back with the "Topps: Gold Label" title and although I only have the base set complete, I do believe that the autograph included with that release is one of the best, (See the 2000 Topps Gold Label: "Tee Martin" Rookie Autograph #TM above right). I like the card stock, the like the feel of the cards, the cards have a huge area for signatures. The 2000 release is very well put together.

*Note: This is another card I do not own myself.

2001 Topps Archives Frank Gifford Authen

2001 Topps Archives: “Frank Gifford” Relic Seats #AS-FG

These '96 Topps Cybercards are very difficult to find. Even harder to find as a complete set.

In 2001, Topps once again started this "We need to release as many new titles as possible" agenda. The "Topps: Debut" is the one featured here. The 2001 release of "Topps: Debut" was a single 175-card set with no inserts. The base set was made up of a 40-card rookie jersey subset and a 25-card rookie autograph subset. Otherwise, this set had nothing else.

2001 Topps Archives Jim Kelly Jersey.jpg

2001 Topps Archives Reserve: “Jim Kelly” Reserve Jersey #ARRJK

Another one of those 2001 sets that Topps threw to the hoppy was the "Topps: Archives" title. Topps thought it would be best to create a whole set based solely on their own old cards; a reprint set, if you will.  I do not have the base set and have really had a difficult time deciding if I want to pursue it or not. I mean really, wouldn't it be best to go after the original cards? With that being said, the "Topps: Archives" did have some very cool insert sets. The Seat Relic cards were one of many seat cards that came onto the scene in 2001, (See the 2001 Topps Archives: "Frank Gifford" Relic Seats #AS-FG above right). I thought the Relic Seats were very cool. Although like always, these cards accompanied the many other seat cards that arrived on the scene in 2001. Topps was not the first.

Topps didn't just leave the hobby with the 178-card "Topps: Archives" set, it came out with another Archives set in 2001 called "Topps: Archives Reserve". A 94-card series II release, if you will. And again, I have severe reservations on whether or not I'll ever go back and get it. With that being said, I did like the Jersey set, (See the 2001 Topps Archives Reserve: "Jim Kelly" Jersey #ARR-JK Left). I thought the jersey swatches with a picture of the player's "First" Topps card was pretty cool.

In closing, the "Topps: Other Titles" page displayed a bunch of titles from Topps that were worth the time and money. The USFL sets are definitely worth the effort because they aren't just sets, they're history. I really liked the 2000 Topps Gold Label autograph set. I actually thought it was one of the best looking autograph sets released in 2000. Topps really has given the hobby a bunch of unique sets to satisfy every collector type. As I've said before, Topps wasn't my favorite card company, but they weren't the worst either. They are well worth the time and effort if you decide to put any of these sets together.

I have complete sets:

Topps USFL Series:

1) 1984 Topps USFL Set

2) 1985 Topps USFL Set

Topps Gilt Edge Series:

1) 1996 Topps Gilt Edge Set

    A) Definitive Edge Insert

Topps Laser Series:

2) 1996 Topps Laser Set

    A) Draft Picks Insert

Topps CyberCards Series:

3) 1996 Topps CyberCards I Set - Incomplete ( 10 / 28 )

4) 1996 Topps CyberCards II Set - Incomplete ( 1 / 12 )

Topps Stars Series:

1) 1997 Topps Stars Set

     A) Future Pro Bowlers Insert

     B) Pro Bowl Memories Insert

     C) Pro Bowl Stars Insert

2) 1998 Topps Stars Set - Do Not Have

3) 1999 Topps Stars Set

3B) 1999 Topps Stars (2 Star) Set

3C) 1999 Topps Stars (3 Star) Set

3D) 1999 Topps Stars (4 Star) Set

    A) Rookie Relics Insert

4) 2000 Topps Stars Set

    A) Progression Insert

Topps Gold Label Series:

1) 1998 Topps Gold Label Set - Do Not Have

2) 1999 Topps Gold Label (Class 1) Set 

    A) Race to the Gold Insert

3) 2000 Topps Gold Label (Class 1) Set

3B) 2000 Topps Gold Label (Class 2) Set

3C) 2000 Topps Gold Label (Class 3) Set

4) 1999 Topps Season Opener Set

Topps Debut Series:

1) 2001 Topps Debut Set - Incomplete ( 40 / 175 )

2) 2002 Topps Debut Set - Do Not Have

    A) All-Star Materials Insert

Topps Heritage Series:

1) 2001 Topps Heritage Set - Incomplete ( 110 / 146 )

    A) 1956 All-Stars Insert

    B) Class Renditions Insert

    C) New Age Performers Insert

    D) Then and Now Insert

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