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Welcome to Jays Football Cards and see the world of football cards as seen through my eyes


Welcome to my website!  My name is Jayson and I have been a Football card collector since the age of 7.  I collect football cards because I enjoy the sport of Football and collecting cards helps me relate to the players, teams, and the league. Currently, I collect every brand and title from 2008 back, mainly.  That's right, from Action Packed to Zenith.  I just don't collect football cards, I love collecting football cards. I currently live in Wichita, KS so if you have any questions for me, regarding the history, sets, prices, or anything relating to the world of football card collecting, please don't hesitate to ask, and thanks for visiting "Jays football cards". 

My Finds


Over the years, I've located a bunch of unlisted and undocumented cards. Some of which have now been added to the Beckett Annuals while others are still waiting their turn. Here are a few of the sets where I've added multiple cards:

My Sportsbar


This is nothing more than my "Man Cave", its the family's basement play room which is basically my Sportsbar. Here is where we truly spend all our time. Stop in and spend a minute inside "Sponge's Sportsbar".

How well do you know football cards? Take a couple of my quizzes to see if you're an expert.

Take the Autograph Test:


So autograph cards have been a part of the football landscape for the past 25 years now, but if I showed you 10 authentic autographed cards that were made available to the collector, could you tell me who signed it? Well, take the test and find out. And one hint, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning won't be on the test.

Take the Error Card Test: 


Ever since Pro Set introduced us to the "Error Card" landslide back in 1989, (Note: Error cards existed before that, but Pro Set made it an art form.), we've been looking for them ever since. If you're a solid investigator then some of these will be pretty easy otherwise maybe you really aren't a football fan after all. 

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