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Collector's Edge

My Collector's Edge Collection (Updated December 27th, 2021)

1992 Collector’s Edge: “Ricky Jackson” #114

1997 Collector’s Edge Extreme: “Eddie George” Game Gear Quad #12D

Again, I don't really know who was in charge of the art design group at Collector's Edge, but one has to wonder where they got their ideas.  The first set in 1992 was a classic and It was a nice way to enter the hobby.  The cards were sequentially numbered, the plastic stock was a really innovative idea and they came in a nice collectors box, (See the 1992 Collector's Edge "Rickey Jackson" #114 top left).  However, after that, a majority of their sets were real duds.  See the Collector's Edge: Advantage page for more on that.

Well, Collectors Edge had a handful of those one-hit wonders.   These sets may have looked good in the boardroom or even did well as an insert set, but put them in a set all to themselves and the hobby just looks the other way.  However, one such set, the 1997 Collector's Edge Extreme set with the Game Gear Quads, (See the 1997 CE Extreme "Eddie George" #12D Game Gear Shoe Quad 2nd left),  was a very cool, innovative set that didn't return in 1998.  The 1997 Collector's Edge Extreme Game Gear Quads Insert set made Collector's Edge the first card producer that included "Shoes" and "Pants" as part of the "Game Used" world of collecting.   I'm clueless as to why it was terminated.

In 2000, Collector’s Edge must have broken the bank with the Rookie Ink Autograph set, (See the 2000 Collector’s Edge T3 “Chris Redman” Rookie Ink top right).  This set was very nice. So nice, in fact, that I would’ve thought it came from Topps or someone else.  After Collector’s Edge ceased operations, I discovered a few unsigned Rookie Ink cards, as well as some veteran, unsigned cards, (See the 2000 Collector’s Edge unsigned / unreleased “Daunte Culpepper” card right).  As I type this, Beckett still hasn't placed these cards with any set, (That is the reason for the "XX" label). 

Another problem I had with Collector's Edge is the utilization of the back.  This goes for almost every card of theirs, (Exception, 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage Memorable Moments Gameball Set).  I've included a comparison right below between the 1997 Upper Deck Legends base set and the 1998 Collectors Edge 1st Place Successors Insert base set. Now, it's clear from the pictures that the "James Lofton" Legends card back includes: 1) Full Career Stats, 2) Short Career Synopsis, 3) Career Highlights, (Yellow Box) and 4) Small Picture, (The same picture as front, I guess, they had to cut corners somewhere).  Total utilization of card space. It makes for a very memorable set.

2000 Collector’s Edge T3: “Chris Redman” Rookie Ink #CR

2000 Collector’s Edge XX: “Daunte Culpepper” Pro Signature #DC

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “James Lofton” #131

1997 Upper Deck Legends: “James Lofton” #131 (Back)

1998 Collector’s Edge 1st Place: “Tim Brown” Successors #4

1999 Collector’s Edge 1st Place: “Tim Brown” Successors #4 (Back)

On the flip side, The Collector's Edge 1st Place card back has: 1)Very Large picture of a Football, 2) Player Information. That is all you get.

The difference is plain to see, but the real problem is why? Why couldn't Collector's Edge put more effort into their card designs.  First, I can look at the back of the Legends card and tell why its called "Legends".  James Lofton was a Football Legend due to the numbers he put up, (career stats), or if you still have any doubts the synopsis / highlights on the right should help shed some light on the issue.

When I look at the Successors card back, (or front for that matter), I have no idea why it's called Successors.  Was Tim Brown, James Lofton's Successor?* Has Tim Brown had a successful career? If so, explain why. In other words, what's the purpose of this set? This is my problem with Collector's Edge.  How long did it take for them to put this card design together? And not only that, why did they bother.

*Note: James Lofton and Tim Brown were team-mates back in 1988 when they were both with the Raiders. It was Tim’s rookie season.

I have complete sets:


Collector's Edge Series:

1) 1992 Collector's Edge Set

2) 1993 Collector's Edge Set

    A) Rookies F / X Insert

    B) Elway Prism Insert

    C) Checklist Insert

3) 1994 Collector's Edge Set

    A) Boss Rookies Insert

    B) Boss Rookies Update Insert

    C) Boss Squad Insert

    D) F / X Insert

4) 1995 Collector's Edge Set

    A) EdgeTech Insert

    B) Rookies (Black Label) Insert

    C) Time Warp (Black Label) Insert

    D) 12th Man Insert

    E) Nitro Redemption Insert

5) 1996 Collector's Edge Set

    A) Ripped Insert

    B) Proteges Insert

    C) Cowboybilia Insert

    D) Big Easy (Gold) Insert

    E) Quantum Motion Insert

    F)  Too Cool Rookies Insert

    G) Draft Day Redemptions Insert

Collector's Edge 1st Place Series:

1) 1998 Collector's Edge First Place Set - Do Not Have

    A) Ryan Leaf Insert

    B) Triumph Insert

    B) Successors Insert

    C) Triple Threat Insert

    D) Record Setters Insert

    E) Game Gear Jersey Insert - Incomplete ( 3 / 4 )

    F) Rookie Ink Autograph Insert - Incomplete ( 31 / 34 )

2) 1999 Collector's Edge First Place Set

    A) Excalibur Insert

    B) Future Legends Insert

    C) Rookie Game Gear Insert

    D) Rookie Game Gear HoloGold Insert

    E) Pro Signature Authentics Autographs - Incomplete ( 12 / 33)

Collector's Edge Masters Sets:

1) 1997 Collector's Edge Masters - Do Not Have

    A) Ripped Insert

    B) Night Games Insert

    C) Playoff Game Ball Insert

    D) Packers Super Bowl XXXI Insert

    E) Patriots Super Bowl XXXI Insert

    F) Super Bowl Game Bowl Insert

2) 1998 Collector's Edge Masters

    A) Legends Insert

    B) Sentinels Insert

    C) Main Event Insert

    D) Super Masters Insert ( 9 / 42 )

3) 1999 Collector's Edge Masters - Do Not Have

    A) Quest Insert

    B) Legends Insert

    C) Majestic Insert

    D) Excalibur Insert

    E) Main Event Insert

    F) Rookie Masters Insert

    G) Pro Signature Authentics Insert - Incomplete ( 1 / 6 )

4) 2000 Collector's Edge Masters - Do Not Have

    A) Domain Insert

    B) Sentinels Insert

    C) Hasta La Vista Insert

    D) Rookie Ink Insert - Incomplete ( 4 / 5 )

Collector's Edge Odyssey Sets:

1) 1998 Collector's Edge Odyssey Set - Do Not Have

    A) Leading Edge Insert

    B) Double Edge Insert

    C) Prodigies Autograph Insert - Incomplete ( 21 / 35 )

2) 1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey Set - Do Not Have

    A) Excalibur Insert

    B) End Zone Insert

    C) Game Gear Insert

    D) Pro Signature Authentics Autograph Insert - Incomplete ( 17 / 19 )

3) 2000 Collector's Edge Odyssey Set - Do Not Have

    A) Ripped Insert

    B) Old School Insert

    C) Wasssuppp Insert

    D) Rookie Ink Insert

    E) Restaurant Quality Insert

Collector's Edge Supreme Sets:

1) 1998 Collector's Edge Supreme Season Review Set - Do Not Have

    A) Review T3 Insert

2) 1999 Collector's Edge Supreme Set - Do Not Have

    A) T3 Insert

    B) Future Insert

    C) Markers Insert

    D) Homecoming Insert

3) 2000 Collector's Edge Supreme Set - Do Not Have

    A) Perfect 10 Insert

    B) Route XXXIII Insert

    C) Supreme Team Insert

    D) Monday Knights Insert

    E) Supreme Future Insert - Incomplete ( 1 / 10 )

    F) Pro Signature Authentics Insert - Incomplete ( 7 / 14 )

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