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Leaf: Quantum Leaf

My Leaf: Quantum Leaf Collection (Updated December 24th, 2022)

2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf Dez White RC.jpg

2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Dez White” RC #315

Leaf added another Super Premium title to its arsenal in 2000. Leaf's "Quantum Leaf" title was a monstrous release by Leaf; it had a 350-card base set, 11 insert sets, an autograph set, a jersey set, a helmet set, and a jersey patch set. This beast had everything, (See the 2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf "Dez White" RC #315 card left). If you didn't like the 2000 Quantum Leaf set, you didn't like football cards.

 My favorite of the insert sets from the 2000 release was the "Shirt off my Back" insert set, (See the 2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf "Jimmy Smith" Shirt off my Back #SB-19 shown right).  It's got a catchy name and the cards are all #'d to 100 which makes them very sought after. And let's not forget that they look good too.

2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf Jimmy Smith Shirt

I don't have any cards from the 2001 base set so I can't say anything about it. However, the insert sets are amazing!!!


The first of these amazing insert sets are the "Shirt off my Back" set. This is the 2nd edition for this set and for 2 years running, this set rocked, (See the 2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Shaun King” Shirt off my Back #SB-7 left). The “Shirt off my Back” cards are #'d to 100, so not only are they cool, but they are also a very limited set. The best of both worlds. But Leaf didn't stop there.

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf Shaun King Shirt

The other set #'d to 100 was the "Hardwear" set. The "Hardwear" set was also a holdover from the 2000 release, (See the 2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Warren Sapp” #HW-28 below left).  This was another smash hit by Leaf. The cards are sharp-looking with an awesome sized helmet chip. And again, with the cards #'d to 100 gives a very limited number cards in circulation.

2000 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Jimmy Smith” Shirt off my Back #SB-19

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf Fred Taylor Gamer

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Fred Taylor” Gamers #G5

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Shaun King” Shirt off my Back #SB-7

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf Warren Sapp Hardw

The Creme de la Creme from this set though was "The Gamers" insert set. "The Gamers" set was a 10-card set #'d to 25 that had a jersey patch and a helmet chip. Much of the cards that I've seen had the jersey and helmet as multi-colored memorabilia, (See the 2001 Leaf Quantum 

Leaf: “Fred Taylor” #G5 right).  This was a total smash hit by Leaf with the most sought-after card from this set being the "Elway / Marino / Kelly" card. I think it would have been awesome to also include Tony Eason, Todd Blackledge, and Ken O'Brien. That would've been a great card. 


As it turns out, the 2001 release is my favorite Master set of all time. It is an absolutely incredible release.

2001 Leaf Quantum Leaf: “Warren Sapp” Hardwear #HW-28

In summary, the Leaf Quantum Leaf title was absolutely one of the best titles to collect. With base sets that had close to 300 cards and insert sets that left a long-lasting impression this title didn't do anything wrong. My only problem with Leaf was that they ended the "Quantum Leaf" title after 2 years. I highly suggest that if you wanted to pick up a title from the early turn of the century then this was your title.

I have complete sets:


Leaf: Quantum Leaf Series:

1) 2000 Quantum Leaf Set

    A) Rookie Update Set

    B) Double Team Insert

    C) Gamers Insert - Incomplete ( 1 / 20 )

    D) Hardwear Insert - Incomplete ( 8 / 15 )

    E) Shirt of my Back insert - Incomplete  ( 11 / 20 )

2) 2001 Quantum Leaf Set

    A) Rookie Update Set

    B) All-Millennium Marks Insert

    C) All-Millennium Materials Insert - Incomplete  ( 26 / 31 ) *

    D) Century Season Insert

    E) Gamers Insert - Incomplete ( 7 / 10 )

    F) Hardwear Insert - Incomplete ( 25 / 30 )

   G) Rookie Revolution Insert

   H) Shirt of my Back insert - Incomplete ( 31 / 33 ) **

    I) Star Factor Insert

   J) X-Ponential Power Insert


*Note: I added 1 card to this set. A Jim Brown error card. 

** Note: I added 3 cards to this set. A Shaun Alexander, Ron Dayne, and Peyton Manning error cards.



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