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Pacific: Paramount

My Pacific: Paramount Collection (Updated December 24th, 2021)

1998 Pacific Paramount: “Levon Kirkland” #187

1999 Pacific Paramount: “La'Roi Glover” #149

The "Pacific: Paramount" marked the '98 initial release trifecta. Pacific released 3 very similar, yet distinctive sets in 1998. The "Pacific: Aurora", the "Pacific: Omega" and now the last one, the "Pacific: Paramount" release.  The initial '98 release had 250 cards, (just like the others), and when I first saw it, it kinda looked like a Stadium Club or Fleer: Ultra set, (See the 1998 Pacific Paramount: “Levon Kirkland” #187 left). It was my favorite release of the '98 Pacific trifecta. The '98 Paramount release also had 4 insert sets. The insert sets weren't anything special, with my favorite probably being the Pro Bowl Die-Cuts insert set, (See the 1998 Pacific Paramount: “Mark Chmura” #6 below right). The Die-Cut cards were cut around a Hawaiian Outrigger canoe.  It seems every manufacture was trying to come up with the most impressive and far-fetched die cut available. This was Pacific's entry into the competition.

In 1999, Pacific's 2nd Paramount release, everything was kept literally the same; the set size, (stayed at 250), and the # of insert sets stayed at 4. Again, Pacific released a nice base set, (See the 1999 Pacific Paramount: "La'Roi Glover" #149 below left).  I actually believed that the Paramount sets were Pacific's best releases since the early 90s. I liked them that much. Now maybe the backside stats could've been better, but overall the "Pacific: Paramount" releases were excellent.  I thought the '98 insert sets were a bit dull, but in '99 the insert sets were much better, led by the "Net Fusions" set, (See the 1999 Pacific Paramount: "Doug Flutie" #3 below right). The only thing Pacific could have done better, make the set have nothing but kickers in it and have the set #'d to 50. Now that would've been cool.

The 2000 release brought about slight changes. The base set was a 249 card set, not 250 and the insert sets now numbered to 5. Again, the base set was a solid release with a nice slim border and excellent player photography, (See the 2000 Pacific Paramount: "John Randle" #134 below left). Also, for the first time, the Paramount release included a memorabilia set. That is if you don't count the "Net Fusions" as a memorabilia set. The Game Used Footballs insert set, (See the 2000 Pacific Paramount: "Peyton Manning" Game Used Footballs #6 below right), is actually a really good-looking set. I was impressed that this was actually a Pacific release.  

1998 Pacific Paramount: “Mark Chmura” Pro Bowl Die Cuts #6

1999 Pacific Paramount: “Doug Flutie” Net Fusions #3

2000 Pacific Paramount: “John Randle” #134

In closing, the "Pacific: Paramount" was a step above most of the other Pacific titles. As a matter of fact, it very well could have been my favorite. When I look back, I think the flagship title, "Pacific" was my favorite followed by this title. Things changed for Pacific in 2001, gone were a majority of their long-standing titles like "Aurora", Omega" and Paramount". They all 3 came in together and all three went out together. Some say it was the fact that Pacific lost their "Major League Baseball" licensing and that led to their demise. I can't say for sure, but it could be that they just didn't bring enough to the hobby to keep it coming back.

2000 Pacific Paramount: “Peyton Manning” Game Used Footballs #6

I have complete sets:

Pacific Paramount Series:

1) 1998 Paramount Set

    A) Personal Bests Insert

    B) Super Bowl XXXII Insert

    C) Pro Bowl Die Cuts Insert

    D) Kings of the NFL Insert

2) 1999 Paramount Set

    A) Personnel Bests Insert

    B) Team Checklists Insert

    C) End Zone Net-Fusions Insert

3) 2000 Paramount Set

    A) Zoned In Insert

    B) Sculptures Insert

    C) Draft Report Insert

    D) Game Used Footballs Insert 

    E) End Zone Net-Fusions Insert

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